Brief Guideline for Writing Biographical Essay

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Biographical essays are all about ones experiences in life, when teachers assign students to write biographical essay, they are expected to study a life of a person and sketch it as biography essay. Biography essays are perhaps one of the easiest forms of essay writing because you are very clear about the research work you will be conducting and if you want to make it easier then you should follow the given four steps to write biography essays.

Four step solution for writing biographical essay:

First step:

What should be the subject matter?

The best way to choose a personality is to go for a person who inspires you the most or the personality suggested you by your teachers. Whatever the personality you have chosen, make sure you have note down the important dates and events he experienced in his life which will be later organized in an outline of the biography essay.

Second step:

What should be the introduction?

At first you have to introduce the personality by providing his full name and date of birth along with the location of birth and some information about his early stages of life. You can also include quotes that are relevant to the subject matter that is a personality. Next, you would be telling the readers some reasons for choosing this particular personality.

Third step:

What should be in the body?

It is recommended to that you divide your essay into several paragraphs where each would be dealing with a separate idea. For example; if you would be telling about his achievements, early education etc then you should utilize separate paragraphs to deal with the each topic.

Fourth step:

What should be in the conclusion?

Conclusion is meant to wrap up the work in a single paragraph; there are three main components of a conclusion:

1- Restating the thesis statement

2- Short and concise summary of the whole essay

3- Your personal viewpoints about the topic and the results.

If you will incorporate the above told three components then your conclusion would sounds perfect, you must also provide the major points of the personality that you discussed throughout the essay plus you should also discuss how the person reach the end stage of his life if in case the personality is no longer alive. You must also mention about your personal perspective related to the personality and why he gone through such major upheavals and transformation throughout his life but make sure all the suggested things should be incorporated into a single paragraph to make it look like a conclusion.

Therefore, if you will follow the preceding four step guideline for writing biographical essays then you will surely end up with an essay that will fetch good grades for you. Final words of advice are to make sure you are not incuding any controversial statement about that person because it might create problems for you, it is also advisable that you first ask your teacher if you can include such things in the essay or not.

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