Brands' Battle in Cannes Film Festival

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It would be wrong if you thought film festivals reward prize competition for filmmakers, however, the red carpet has been a place where Fashion evening wear dresses contest for a long time. When celebrities and stars wear brand clothes and appear on red carpet, actually behind this, great efforts have been devoted to this show. That is why Dior and Louis Vinton choose Monaco for early-spring series in the two successive years. That’s also why some brands rent suites in top hotel and decorate them as showrooms.

Elie Saab: Red carpet is its own runway show

When a group of well-shaped supermodels, such as Alessandra Ambrosio, Arlenis Sosa, Eva Herzigova, Petra Nemcova, Adriana Lima and LiuWen appear on Chopard jewelry party in Cannes, we are just wondering, is it a haute couture show for Elie Saab Paris?

Several supermodels are dressed on haute couture by Elie Saab, at the same matched with gorgeous Chopped jewelry, which makes them look like fluttering fairies. Mint green, olive green, ivory white, light yellow and flesh pink, all of these colors matched with healthy skins, long legs and lovely smiles, this is really a beautiful picture.

Versace: Specifical tailor
Versace is featured as sexy tag, which also means “display your body appropriately”. It could be found on Versace’s own runway show. Whether the clothing is for men or for women, there is always one piece of scissors cut to expose body in the unexpected place, which makes us stunning and could not help to “wow” out. Looking at the red carpet show, many actresses wear Versace in Cannes Film Festival this year. With a closer look, and you will find that most dresses are the same models as “Custom” series shown in T station.

For example as Jane Fonda, veteran actress in Hollywood wears a short cocktail homecoming dresses. This dress modifies from high couture by Versace 2014 spring/summer series. After all, she is a veteran star and do not need to play sexy card. So it is a good choice for her to select elegant style. In this way, the designers sew up each “small hole” and even wound pink tulle on shoulders and arm, which highlight her body lines and good shape.

Dior: The Faces on Spokesman Seems to Say “Dior”
Dior is more intelligent than some brands, because it is no shortage of brand spokesmen, such as Charlevoix Theron, Natalie Portman, Marion Collard and Jennifer Lawrence, who all won Oscar prizes in the past years. In the eye of common people, stars dress so many Dior from head to toe that their faces seems to have written four letters “Dior” as long as shown in public. Even though they wear not Dior sometime, the first guess in mind for people will be “is this coat she wore made by Dior?”

The wining actresses are also frequent visitors to the film festival. Marion Collard and Jennifer Lawrence appeared in Cannes Film Festival this year with Dior dressed on. For those brands, it is not an easy thing to choose a spokesman. But one of the brands may catch up with the interest of movie queen; the situation will be different at that time.

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