Brand Marketing From Something as Simple as your Phone

  vikas gaur    May 28, 2011    1233


Yes this might sound fantastical but believe it, there are some serious marketing possibilities from your cell phone. Mobile marketing services have seen phenomenal rise with the advent of some very innovative branding and promotional ways. One such way is visual promotion of brands via innovation in snapping one’s camera. A camera is quite a common feature in cell phones nowadays and it can be effectively employed in brand promotions. Let’s see how.

Almost every brand indulges in some level of advertising whether it is print or electronic. Enthusiasts and brand followers can capture pictures of their favorite brands, perhaps with a few ounces of novelty to give the pictures a fresh air, and upload them over various internet channels specifically the more popular social networking site, where the mass coverage is phenomenally big. Image recognition not only helps your cause but also strengthen an organization’s image credibly. Do not fret that all your day’s work might even go unnoticed because someone is sure to ‘comment’ or ‘like’ your snaps and what’s best brands have come to reward such active enthusiasts  favorably by teaming up with the other brands. All you need to do is find websites that help brands in activating media through true opt in experience with something as meager as a mobile phone camera.

Such mobile marketing lets brand optimize their current advertising spend on billboards and TV to their full potential. With the effective usage of online mobile games, the websites get to help advertisers, benchmark and measure how effective social media is, create a virtuous cycle of consumer management and builds brand advocate communities.

The positive aspects of brand marketing are hidden from no one and one could argue that brand marketing in itself is a giant, irreplaceable and indispensable, for the ultimate success of a company’s ventures. Advertising budget can only cover so much but effective utilization of the allotted resources and extracting the maximum results from them is the ultimate challenge. So for various companies of all sizes, such mobile marketing services are almost a welcome boost to all promotional activities of the company. But my question is how can we cash in from this novel proposition? Simply by becoming the troops that take forth the idea of mobile marketing and turn it into a successful project. Yes and you can also earn some goodies and freebies on your way too. So my last question to you is, what are you waiting for? Happy snapping!

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