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Each day a body is subjected to numerous chemicals in the atmosphere. These poison the blood and move through the body. The body is not accustomed to process and throw these toxins out of the body. These toxins can give rise to chronic arthritis. Body Detox is the process of getting rid of these harmful poisons.


An ionizing footbath is one type of Body Detox. The feet are kept in a container having warm water. Detox energizer cartridge is added to the water. The time span is 30 minutes. At least 2 glasses of water should be drunk during the Detox. Ions penetrate the body from the feet. Toxins from various arthritic affected areas like the knees, hip, hands and feet are neutralized. These organs are re-balanced. The neutralized toxins are thrown out of the body through pores on the feet. This can be confirmed as the water changes its color and becomes orange. The release of toxins, result in an enhanced movement of the joints and relief from joint pain. Additionally, the fat from the body is also removed from the pores. This can be viewed as it floats on top of the water. This reduces the pressure on joints and is very useful for those suffering from knee arthritis. This is a fast and easy body Detox, which cleanses the body. After the treatment toxins are removed naturally for some days after the therapy. 6 weekly Detox treatments are advised for ideal detoxification. This treatment is not advocated for those who have an implanted organ or any metal implants or is pregnant.


Another method is the use of Detox foot patches. These are kept over the area affected by arthritis and connected by use of a gummy plaster. The blood flow over the area is increased. The person can feel warm and calm in that area. The user can continue his daily work even after applying the patch. If attached to the soles of the feet, it works on the acupressure points and helps the natural Detox system. It is recommended to stick them at night before going to bed.
A Body Detox is certainly a very efficient procedure to eliminate arthritis. The mobility of joints can be progressed.
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