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Arthritis can be a severely debilitating illness that disrupts daily living in myriad ways. To cope better with arthritis, the medical fraternity is agreed that a good sleeping regimen is essential. Unfortunately, the pain, and limited mobility of arthritis sufferers precludes a good night’s rest. In fact, it has been extensively documented that two-thirds of arthritis sufferers experience sleep disorders. These sleep disturbances may even be caused by and exacerbated by arthritis medications. In these circumstances, it becomes essential for arthritis patients to make special efforts to inculcate better sleeping habits.

A self-help program

The foremost step is to adopt sensible approaches to induce deep sleep. These include commonsense strategies as limiting alcohol intake, avoiding stimulants like caffeine, abstaining from heavy meals or heavy exercise, and steadfastly clinging to a predetermined schedule of waking and sleeping. There are other self-help strategies that can also assist an arthritis patient like avoiding afternoon naps or siestas, keeping the bedroom free of distractions like television, learning relaxation techniques like deep breathing or meditation, and taking a warm bath prior to bedtime. In fact, the benefits of a warm bath may include a lessening of pain, which will encourage deep sleep patterns. If restful sleep still deludes a chronic arthritis sufferer, the arthritis patient should seek professional help from a physician. Many physicians may prescribe over the counter sleeping aids that will assist the arthritis patient to wind down into a heavy slumber.

Sleep for better arthritis management

The stark truth is that good sleep is a prerequisite condition for coping better with the nagging pain that is the primary characteristic of arthritis. Arthritis management recognizes how arthritis is the primary culprit in sleep loss and sleep disturbances and hence, advocates pragmatic measures to incorporate sound sleep for arthritis sufferers. Better sleep means a refreshed body and a balanced mind that can handle pain better. Arthritis sufferers value deep sleep because it is instrumental in banishing the enervating fatigue that can dog a sleep-deprived arthritis patient. The central role of good sleep in alleviating arthritis pain has been substantially and scientifically documented. No wonder better sleep is advocated as a cure for better arthritis management.
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