Best Lead Generation Strategies for Real Estate

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It has been found that more and more people will search for a property online and check all the pros and cons of it, before actually shortlisting prospective properties and visiting them physically. Hence moving into digital marketing with one of the best Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne can be very profitable for any real estate company.

So how does lead generation for real estate in Melbourne work? What are the best strategies to adopt in order to get the best possible leads that actually convert into a sale? Most Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne also have the expertise in Ecommerce Digital Marketing in Melbourne, because let’s face it, a real estate company’s website certainly falls under the Ecommerce category.

Strategies for Lead generation for real estate in Melbourne falls under two specific categories.

Inbound – Where you attract the customer to your business, such as having an appealing website, PPC etc.

Outbound – Where you take your business to your customer, such as Email campaigns, SMS campaigns etc.

Any good Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne will be able to help you with any of the following inbound and outbound marketing campaigns, in order to generate more leads and sales for your real estate business.

Website – having a professional, appealing website is vital for a real estate business, because your prospective customer will judge your professionalism according to what they see on your website, and let’s face it, making a good impression is certainly important. A website can create a personal brand for you. It is vital to also have a landing page that will prompt action from your visitors, and this is why you need the services of a good Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne to help you with your website.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization and SEM Management in Melbourne is equally important to having a good website. What’s the point of a good website if no one really knows you exist online right?

Pay-Per-Click – Paid advertising is one of the most successful methods for lead generation for real estate in Melbourne, at the lowest cost. Whenever someone searches online for property, your ad will be shown to them, and through this you will get more relevant leads that can actually convert into sales. Best of all is that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, which is very helpful for small companies which must compete with much larger businesses. Google ads help level the field for small businesses and give them an equal chance.

Social Media Advertising – People spend a lot of time on social media, so what better way to gain visibility through cost effective advertising on social media platforms?

Social Media Marketing – By continuously engaging with your followers (prospective customers) with relevant and informative content such as photos, videos etc.

Content Marketing – Be informative, help people with answers to their questions and solutions to their problems by publishing relevant and informative content through articles, blog posts etc. This will help keep people continuously engaged with your brand.

Chat Bots – Visitors to your website will be more prone to chat with you using a Chat Bot than calling, messaging or emailing, as they will get the information they require instantly.

Referrals and Reviews – Another important addition to your website should be referrals and reviews from happy customers, including video interviews. There is nothing that would draw people to your business than having a good reputation.

Email campaigns – Networking is a very important part of lead generation for real estate in Melbourne, and a very effective method of networking is through email marketing campaigns.

In order to be successful in lead generation for real estate in Melbourne, you need to partner with an experienced, professional, passionate Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne, with a proven track record of successes. The right partnerships make all the difference.

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