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Since its inception in 2003, from a simple blogging site, WordPress has grown immensely to now be recognized as one of the most preferred Content Management System. As such many emerging companies are constantly looking to hire WordPress Developers in a continued effort to scale up their businesses. Every WordPress Web Development Company would be aware of the significance of WordPress themes and the wide range of choices and functions, they offer, towards giving that all important thrust to a new website.

WordPress Themes

Every WordPress Development Company would be aware of the difference between free WordPress themes and Premier WordPress themes. Independent developers are known to contribute more towards developing economically viable WordPress themes as compared to big and branded vendors. However, there is a general impression created amongst users that free WordPress themes are not dependable as they are developed by and large by inexperienced developers. This holds good to some extent as free WordPress themes fall back on the percentage of constant support received from the team, as compared to a Premium theme.

However, though there continues to be a stiff competition, all is not lost for free WordPress themes, if they have a quality design and decent support. As such, companies would look to hire WordPress Developers with proven experience, to meet their objective.

You'll often hear comments in the WordPress theme world that free themes are risky because they aren't supported as well, or they are sometimes designed by amateur developers. In some respect this is true, so it's very important for you to ensure that your free WordPress theme is a quality design with decent support. After all, a premium theme generally has solid code and a constant support team to help you out when you're in trouble.

Some free WordPress themes are very good and offer an even better functionality and flexibility as compared to paid themes. Free themes suit well for bloggers and people who simply want to present their talent online as well as companies who have a limited project budget on hand.

There are a number of eye-catching free WordPress themes which that can attract any WordPress Web Development Company and motivate them to hire high quality WordPress Developers. Here are a few which can be looked forward to.

  1. Nerve: When it comes to giving your website a fresh and eye catching look, Nerve is the best free theme which developers would look forward to. In addition to being multipurpose, it is lightweight and responsive. Nerve also uses impressive animations and is SEO friendly, which are critical parameters to give your website, the all-important boost.
  2. Hestia: Hestia scores amongst all with its beautifully designed features. With a one page design and aesthetic looks, Hestia is one of those free WordPress themes which are flexible and good for multipurpose demos. Besides being user friendly and responsive, Hestia uses the latest design trends which makes it a developer’s favorite.
  3. Airi: When it comes to spacious design that works well to the user’s comfort, Airi is the best choice. This new WordPress theme which features plenty of white space is highly recommended for freelancers, small businesses and startups. One of the attractive features of Airi is that it can be integrated with any website and can be used to create any type of layout. Airi also gels well for customers into E-Commerce businesses and is very user friendly and responsive.
  4. Sydney: Sydney has worked wonders for organizations and freelancers who look to promote their services online. This theme is known to support in designing large images and web banners with impressive colour pallets and options. Sydney supports language translation and smooth navigation. Moreover, it is best suited for use on mobile devices and is responsive and customer friendly.
  5. Orfeo: Small businesses and Startups can benefit well with Orfeo with its ability to design flexible layouts. Orfeo also supports customized web designing which meets the exact specification of the customers. Orfeo also comes in with a responsive design and the facility of parallax scrolling, where background images move at a different speed compared to foreground images while scrolling. Orfeo is also WooCommerce ready which is a great feature for small businesses looking to get into online selling.
  6. OnePress: When it comes to designing a website to suit digital agencies and creative businesses, an established WofdPress Web Development company will definitely look at OnePress due to its sheer compatibility and friendly nature. OnePress also supports the addition of the WooCommerce plugin for E-commerce business enthusiasts as well as creating customised page templets and content blocks. You would do well to hire wordpress developers from with an ability to use the OnePress theme effectively while developing elegantly looking websites.
  7. Shop Isle: Though the Shop Isle WordPress theme is free for taking, extended attractive features attract some charges. When users would like to view websites on smaller electronic devices, Shop Isle is the right choice as it comes with a very handy and responsive layout design. Localization files form a collective part of the theme, while the facility to integrate with WooCommerce, gives you tools for constructing a beautiful online store. An additional feature of the Shop Isle theme is the availability of a full screen header with parallax effects. ShopIsle theme offers simple design tools for both online stores and informational sites with an impressive image. No specific development knowledge is needed to work on Shop Isle.
  8. Onepage Lite: OnePage Lite is known to be a clean and smooth WordPress theme, loved by most of the users and developers. The end viewer enjoys an excellent experience with clearly separated sections that makes for a more organized and neat look of your website, a clean and very nice free WordPress theme. OnePage Lite responds very well on mobile devices too, apart from having the ability to develop customized content, especially on the home page. Its SEO friendly nature makes it being widely accepted as a strong WordPress theme.
  9. Talon: Talon is one of the impressive WordPress free themes in use these days. For a free solution, the Talon theme is pretty impressive. With a multipurpose header that can work as a slider or static image, you can expect a stronger design. Talon is a neatly designed theme which facilitates a graphical representation of data as well as having abundant icons for the user to look into. With additional supporting features like facilitating language translation, page builders and possibility to adjust colours and fonts, Talon has all what it takes to give you a fabulous website
  10. Zakra: WordPress Web Development Company of a good repute will never overlook the Zakra theme, which is a stylish, modern, and a fully responsive theme that can be used for multiple industries. Zakra is known to assist personal bloggers as well as those into writing corporate blogs. This flexible theme comes with several demos that include E-commerce demos. Zakra WordPress theme is useful when you would like your website to highlight key people holding key positions in your organization as a well as display client logos and team members. The Zakra theme complies completely with SEO guidelines which help in securing a better ranking for your website in the search engines as well as speeding up the design process.
  11. Colour Mag: One of the most perfectly suitable WordPress themes for the editing and publications sector is ColourMag. ColourMag comes in with an added option to create boxed layouts.  The fact that this theme supports a responsive website design and can help accommodate WooCommerce Plugins, makes it one of the interesting WordPress themes going around. ColourMag is extremely friendly with lesser experienced designers too. The theme has an elegant and beautiful look, with colorful buttons, featured slider, and a highly impressive content structure.
  12. Fagri: Fagri is a free WordPress theme for small businesses and startups that fully supports multipurpose designs. The ability to develop a full header page with an impressive contact formats along with its modern appearance and cleans sections, makes it a great choice for your promotion campaign. With Customers preferring a responsive website design, Fagri meets their expectations with well-organized colour options and parallax scrolling.
  13. Allegiant: Minimalist themes have been a talk of the design world for a while now. Allegiant falls into that category of WordPress themes, which is elegant and works completely towards ensuring a powerful website for the user with focus on Minimalist UX design features.  Allegiant is best suited to develop custom based websites which are fast and responsive. In addition, Allegiant also offers a complete control on layout designing coupled with unlimited colouring options, WooCommerce support and Parallax scrolling.
  14. AccessPress Paralax: When it comes to smooth and elegant parallax scrolling, AccessPress Paralax stands out with very less competition. The versatile appearance of this theme helps it fit into any type of business activity. AccessPress Parallax is an awesome one-page theme with smooth and elegant parallax scrolling and a modern appearance. Additonal features like WooCommerce Integration, CSS3 animations and facility to create multiple header layouts, makes the AccessPress Paralax theme, a great resource for building responsive website designs
  15. Flash: Corporate world would just love the websites designed with the Flash WordPress Themes. Hire WordPress developers with a Flash background and feel satisfied on meeting your expectations completely. This multipurpose theme delivers a responsive website with a built in drag-drop page builder facility.  A call to action object facility helps the user in making quick decisions. This well-structured themealso includes a spot for displaying yourtestimonials, team member informationand interesting biographies.In addition to beautiful colour options, WooCommerce support, and social buttons, the feature-set for Flash is what excites users and developers equally.
  16. Astrid: Professional websites are developed with the Astrid WordPress theme due to its capacity to offer ideal branding solutions to the companies. Astrid comes in with powerfulblog options which ensure that you improve your search engine rankings by connecting with the relevant audience.  Cutting across language barriers, The Astrid WordPress theme connects across a wide spectrum of people as it is translation ready.Additional facilities like WooCommerce support to sell items through your website, and the responsive design makes Astrid a great choice for a strong web design.
  17. Great Mag: The list of free WordPress themes wouldn't be complete without a mention of GreatMag. For those who are keen about user friendly online magazines,this free WordPress theme is the ideal solution.  GreatMag is a visually-focused theme, with a responsive designand an onslaught of large featured images scattered throughout the homepage. Multi-Language support with translation ready elements is one of the plus points of Great Mag. The overall benefit of going with the GreatMag theme is the ability to write blogs and online magazines.
  18. Oblique: When it comes to a good website design with minimalistic design elements, the free WordPress Theme which comes to mind is Oblique. This free theme works very well for personal blogs. Another interesting feature with oblique is its ability to build elegant and unique designs which are SEO compliant and make the best use of Google fonts. Oblique WordPress theme contributes to the user’s expectations with a responsive design which is also translation ready.
  19. Spacious: A multipurpose free WordPress theme with a user friendly approach and appearance, Spacious has an organized content combined with attractive buttons and icons. The well-designed content helps in saving space and thus creates online stores as well. Spacious extends the option of building wider layouts and can accommodate 4 slides in a beautifully featured slider. Spacious is translation compliant and supports the WooCommerce plugin facility. StructureSpacious is a minimalist multipurpose WordPress theme, with a clean and friendly look. The theme uses colourful icons and buttons, a boxed layout, a beautiful featured slider, and an efficiently arranged content, so it can occupy less space. The theme lets you create portfolios and online shops as well. It can fit any type of sites.
  20. Customify: Customify is one of those free WordPress themes which is page builder friendly and can be customized to suit any website. When it comes to displaying catchy headers and footers, Page builder is the best option. An attractive feature which accompanies Customify is its ability to build unique headers for mobile devices and possesses responsive edit modes for data and image edits.  Customify is optimized for speed and is SEO compliant. The real time visual editor which forms an extensive part of customify is highly useful in editing images in real time.
  21. Zillah: WordPress free themes includeZillah which is a stylish theme option, especially for bloggers who are looking for an elegant online presence. This user friendly theme comes with a live customizer and a full width featured slider. Zillah is known to support responsive and SEO friendly designs. Users can even think of incorporating customized objects and logos by using Zillah.
  22. Riba Lite: Riba Lite is an excellent option to build websites that caters to story tellers. In other words, professional writers and bloggers will find this free theme extremely interesting due to its attractive and responsive layout combined with well-organized push buttons and icons. The translation facility accompanying Riba lite makes it easier for people speaking different languages to understand the website in their own language. Users can upload their own logo too as Riba Lite facilitates this option.
  23. Newsmag Lite: As the name would suggest, Newsmag Lite helps in giving your webpage that newspaper or newsmagazine like effect. NewsMag Lite facilitates developing web banners to promote your business activities. Overall, the customization options are strong with this one.
  24. Moesia: This amazing WordPress theme suits businesses of all sizes, since it comes with the comforts of eleven predefined blocks that you can be placed as a part of the home page to build quality websites. Many interesting animations and effects are included with the theme. In addition, Moesia provides Google Fonts which help in building an attractive and responsive website. Moesia works well for viewing sites on mobile and tablets. People from different parts of the world can access the websites and analyse it in their own languages as Moesia is rich with translation features.
  25. Alizee: For keen enthusiasts in developing websites for photography, Alizee is the best theme going around. Alizee is a free, Wordpress theme with a responsive approach and suits well for viewing pages on mobile devices. Alizee comes in with a number of additional features like a customized scrolling bar, unlimited colouring options and font selections, to help you give your website an aesthetic look.
  26. Latte: Latte is the best and modern one-page theme for business sites. Latte comes in with a responsive approach and is easy to customize towards any website requirement. In addition Latte has a smooth parallax scrolling, a full-width beautiful header, and a professional look. Latte provides anything a business owner needs to promote their services, skills, and best works which include unlimited colour options, portfolio and pricing tables.
  27. IsleMag: Another brilliant option for promoting businesses through social media is IsleMag, a modern and catchy theme which comes with a friendly design. IsleMag lets you display ads, post great image galleries, add various social media feeds, reviews, and use various colours to make its appearance even catchier. You can create attractive web banners to promote your products across the social media. One of the unique attractions with IsleMag is the presence of a review system which can help you known how your promotional activity is being viewed in the market.
  28. Bento: Bento is a universal free WordPress theme which offers an array of customization opportunities and a set of powerful features that enablesin creating a responsive and professional website.Bento can be used to build designs ranging from small personal blogs and local business pages to large corporate portals and online shops. Bento is easy to use and SEO complaint. A visual content builder, unlimited colour options, ability to develop flexible grid layouts, WooCommerce ready features and a visual content builder, makes Bento, a catchy WordPress theme, for WordPress Web development companies.
  29. Anariel Lite: Fashion Blogs and Magazines depicting latest Lifestyle trends continue to be in great demand. Hire WordPress developers with exposure to Anariel Lite, who can give you the best possible and most user friendly website designs.  Anariel lite comes in with intelligently chosen colour combination options to get the best choice across to the users.  In addition to being a responsive and SEO compliant free theme, Anariel Lite has an elegant sidebar, an email subscription button and exquisite social media icons, that make up for a real master class choice.
  30. Patus: Though Patus is yet to make a mark compared to its other competitors, it still has a potential to make it big. Patus is considered to be a good choice for bloggers and helps in easy navigation across the webpages. Several objects are incorporated into these themes which facilitate a cross section of activities. With a good choice of colours, Patus is known to help in online brand building. In due course, Patus is sure to scale to the levels of some of the other widely used themes.
  31. Semi Colon: The Semicolon theme is a neatly crafted and clean theme for your WordPress site, with lots of white space.Coupled with a few social media buttons come along with the download, and you can implement some objects for talking about your blog and sharing popular posts. Semicolon comes with the option of altering colours to best suit your brand requirement. Semicolon is completely responsive for people to view it when they are travelling and using mobile devices. Additionally, the translation feature helps to connect with visitors who don't speak different languages.
  32. Amadeus: When it comes to writing personal blogs, Amadeus is a great choice as a clean theme.The simple and multipurpose design enables Amadeus to suit any type of business sector. Amadeus comes in with a video embedding object and social header to design you core framework under a minimalist layout strategy. The Translation ready and SEO friendly theme score well as far as developing fast and responsive designs are concerned.
  33. Simple Shift: There cannot be a more suitable and beautiful one-page theme for small businesses than Simple Shift. Its modern and colourful look combined with a full-screen layout helps in multipurpose designing. Simple Shift comes in with a blog layout and ability to build one page templates. Well-designed social icons with a minimalistic look add to the impressive features of this promising WordPress theme.
  34. Everly Lite: Everly Lite is an elegant and beautiful WordPress theme for fashion and lifestyle blogs, with a clean design, classy typography, and friendly objects. This theme is well designed with SEO optimization and a responsive layout. The presence of multiple post formats gives the user lot more options. With CSS3 animations and short codes as added incentives, Everly Lite gives the user the best experience in browsing through websites.
  35. Naturelle: Environment conservationists are not to be left far behind. With Naturelle, a simple theme,that supports the cause of environment preservation and ecology based websites, conservationists can look forward to a catchy and responsive website, to serve their cause. The icons within naturelle are designed in a way to represent nature and natural resources with colourful separators. Added attractive features like Parallax scrolling, WooCommerce support and one page design facility, makes Naturelle, a natural choice for companies to consider while hiring WordPress Developers for those who support the natural environment cause and for ecology websites. It is clean, modern, and has a one-page layout. Naturelle provides a nice parallax header and a minimalist but catchy appearance.
  36. Hueman: This theme is rated very highly as a competent and complete free WordPress theme which works well for blogs and articles. Choices of colours and objects help Hueman in improving browsing experience. Hueman works well in facilitating interactions within users over social media at a brisk pace.
  37. Shopisle: When it comes to viewing websites on smaller devices, ShopIsle is the best choice Shopisle facilitates a responsive viewing either on a phone or a tablet and is suitable for frequent travellers. The compatibility with WooCommerce helps in constructing a good online store for the benefit of the viewers.
  38. Phlox: One of the free WordPress themes which come in with an array of attractive features is Phlox. This theme is free to download which has call to action buttons and social media buttons amongst its other list of facilities. Generally frequent travellers and photographers are known to benefit more from this theme as they are constantly on the move. One of the main reasons for Phlox to gather so much attention is because of the wide range of demos the developers have on the sales website. This gives you a great idea as to what you can do with the theme and how you might design it in the future. You'll also find layouts for travel bloggers, regular bloggers, food writers, and more in Phlox. Along with custom objects, Google Fonts, and WooCommerce compatibility, you can't go wrong with Phlox.
  39. Tracks: Tracks are an excellent blog feed, free WordPress theme, with a strong custom header and large typography. Most of the focus in Tracks is given to the content part. Tracks facilitate easy navigation for users across the webpage and minimize inconveniences. Tracks are a responsive theme, compatible with mobile devices and facilitate quick branding. Tracks also have several social media icons, boosting the chances of people following you on various social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This theme is translation ready to support audience from different parts of the world.
  40. Eight Medi Lite: Eight Medi Lite is an excellent choice for the Healthcare sector, especially for doctors. Healthcare sector is an ever challenging sector and websites developed to promote the services need to be right up to the point and specific. Eight Medi Lite is one of the promising free WordPress themes which work beautifully to meet the requirements of medical experts. With attractive features like CSS3 animations, appointment forms generation, unlimited slider options and a highly customizable home page, Eight Medi Lite is the best choice especially when you are looking at fast and responsive websites.
  41. Lavender Lite: Professional writers and bloggers can look towards Lavander Lite as a beautiful and clean theme that is elegant to look at and fits in for websites involving travel and fashion. Lavender Lite comes with multiple post formats and pre-built templates which facilitate one column layout and elegant typography.
  42. Generate Press: The reviews suggest that GeneratePress is an outstanding WordPress theme, especially when being used with drag and drop editors like Elementor. One of the biggest advantages of GeneratePress is that any fresh WordPress developer with no prior experience can install the theme and start blogging within minutes. This free theme can be customized to suit any type of web design. Speed is another important factor associated with GeneratePress along with clean coding methods. Generate Press helps in easy navigation across the webpages with excellent drop down menus and translation facility for people used to their native spoke languages.
  43. Point: Point is a free simple WordPress theme for blogging. It has a minimalist, yet modern design. Point comes with a user rating and review system which makes it easier for the users to get a first-hand view of their business promotion efforts through websites. The presence of custom objects, unlimited backgrounds and colour options, allow Point to assist in building responsive and SEO optimized websites. This free theme comes in with translation ready and advertisement ready options which help in creating artistic banners as well as facilitating Non-English speaking visitors to get a feel of the website in their own native language.
  44. Zerif Lite: One page layouts are gaining more and more popularity. Thanks to Zerif Lite, one of the prominent free WordPress themes, capable of building one page layouts. Zeriff Lite also has a premium version for those interested in more exciting features. The ability of Zeriff Lite to have white spaces and accommodate large images and team member portfolios makes it an instant option for people to go for.
  45. Vantage: Technology is the best example where Vantage continues to play a key role, as an effective and free WordPress theme. WordPress Web Development Companies into full scale use of technology would be well aware of the exciting features which Vantage brings along with it. Especially for those viewers who travel extensively and are mobile for most of the time, Vantage presents them with a responsive layout as they can view their sites on the mobile. This theme supports plugins such as Page Builder and WooCommerce, thereby giving additional options to the user. Many people use the free theme to build a portfolio, since it supports high resolution images.
  46. Melissa: Melissa is an elegant black-and-white Bootstrap theme suitable for professional photographers, full of modern features. The homepage comes in with an efficient photography slider and the gallery can be customized to support photos and videos. A drag-drop page builder combined with multiple colouring options and layout options summarizes this effective, responsive free WordPress theme.
  47. Ember: Another beautiful WordPress theme suitable for emerging businesses is Ember. This theme is freely available and has an exquisite appearance. Ember comes in with beautifully designed icons, push buttons and a blog layout, giving it a minimalistic design look. Ember supports one page layout design and extends a parallax effect to all its websites, making it one of the most attractive themes available today.
  48. Rocked: Looking at a modern and fast website? Look at Rocked, a beautiful free WordPress theme, which comes in with a user friendly and responsive approach. This theme is especially good for corporate users, since it has logo uploads, colour controls, predefined blocks and more. The Rocked theme comes with a number of objects for implementing modules like for testimonials, services and other options. Google Fonts support lets you select from over 600 fonts, all of which can turn your site into something unique and interesting. Rocked helps you with designs which can boost your ranking on search engines and thereby increase viewer traffic.
  49. Azera Shop: Azera Shop is a neat theme with minimalist design elements to create an extraordinary web design within limitations. Customers looking at creating budget friendly websites can still avail attractive returns like an easy contact form, quick integration with Google maps and an inbuilt blog layout. This theme supports WooCommerce and helps in delivering responsive designs. Being translation ready and having unlimited colour options, Azera Shop is one of the good options to choose from an exciting list of free WordPress themes.
  50. OceanWP: OceanWP is an extremely flexible free WordPress theme which can be used to build websites for any sectors like E-commerce, Travel, Hotel Business etc. OceanWP provides a full-width static header and has a modern design, with great animations and interactive sections. This theme comes in with a responsive layout and includes added attractions like multipurpose designs and parallax effects.
  51. Virtue: Large Business and Corporate Companies, looking for professional websites can hire WordPress developers with good knowledge of Virtue. Virtue is an excellent free WordPress theme which has a modern look and a responsive approach. Its ability to integrate with WooCommerce gives the options to sell products online. Virtue comes in with built in translation features and the custom headers.
  52. Kale: Designed with a minimalist interface, Kale is a free WordPress theme, focusing more on the food and beverage industry.  Kale is a neat theme with nicely designed content blocks which can help industries looking to promote their brand of food products and beverages, in a more professional and appealing way. Additional attractive features like banner and slider options, multiple blog feed displays and colours options, make Kale, the WordPress theme of choice for building responsive and mobile friendly designs.
  53. Suffice: Suffice is an excellent WordPress Theme which is freely available and useful to Startups and Small agencies, looking to expand their businesses. Suffice helps in building a comprehensive and responsive website using minimalistic design elements and a call to action facility. Additional feature like a drag-drop page builder, colour options and WooCommerce compatibility ensures that the startups can consider online product promotion too. Aesthetically designed contact us page templates can help emerging companies develop the best and impressivewebsite design.
  54. Cronus: Whether you’re a freelancer or a Startup WordPress Web Development Company, the Cronus theme is the most suitable solution for your website. Loaded with a unique and impressive design, Cronus comes in with an additional feature of content copyright settings which can help you promote your thoughts around the world in more safe and secured manner. Cronus also comes in with an additional attractive feature to identify custom colours coupled with blog page and archive layout options.
  55. Magazine: The world is working online and online magazines are no strangers to enthusiastic readers. The Magazine theme is just the right choice for developers to create an online magazine in a quick span of time. Magazine allows you to create various objects in the footer and sidebar structures of the website to include maximum data. The Magazine free Wordpress Theme helps in smooth navigation through the website for the users with minimum or zero inconvenience. Additionally, this theme also supports a variety of plugins to enable the users to have an excellent web browsing experience.
  56. Regina Lite: Websites designed for Healthcare service providers use the Regina Lite WordPress theme with an aim to give a professional and responsive experience to the user. Regina Lite also supports the use of WooCommerce Plugin which facilitates users to promote their health services and products online. Much like some of the other free Wordpress themes, Regina Lite too supports multilingual customers as it is translation ready. Creating a simple appointment booking form is one of the highlights of this theme.
  57. Enlightenment: This is a multipurpose theme with modern and neat elements that focuses more on the content.Enlightenment works wonders with its responsive approach, especially for users would work more with mobile devices. Additionally, attractive and unlimited layouts can be created which can add spice and variety to your website. Easy on the eye colours as well as custom backgrounds assist in branding of your business. A combination of sticky posts, threaded comments and translation support, make Enlightenment theme, a lightweight solution, for all businesses.
  58. Arcade: The image headers are one of the options that most of the web development companies look into with a lot of focus. Turn to the Arcade theme, if this is your choice and if you are looking at a lightweight website in addition. Arcade theme cab assist in creating image headers, suitable to inform people about your company or recent developments, associated with your company. An easy to use theme customizer helps in organizing the website with respect to the desired formats.
  59. Review Zine: Review Zine scores over its nearest competitors with its sheer additional features in the form a review/ rating system. Apart from being responsive and translation ready, Review Zine offers the advanced rating chart which is very helpful in rating magazines, publications as well as blogs related to technology. Review Zine supports well in achieving the most modern and beautiful website design. An attractive and smooth user interface is another highlight of this exquisite Wordpress theme.  Any WordPress Development Company would benefit well by investing on Review Zine.


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