Best Blinds for Your Home in 2020

  Emma Lopez    December 24, 2020    634


Therefore, it is important to get the best type of blinds or shutters that best suit your specific requirement and style of your home.

Some popular types of blinds in 2020 are:

Honeycomb or Cellular Blinds – Honeycomb Blinds in Sydney are very popular due to their great insulation capabilities, especially considering the extreme weather conditions in Australia. These types of blinds are great for keeping the home cool during the hot summer months and warm during the winter.

Woven Wooden Shades – These types of blinds are made from natural materials such as bamboo, reeds and wood, and are ideal for areas such as the kitchen, living or dining room, and are great for both modern and contemporary style homes.

Roman Blinds – These types of blinds are very versatile and low cost, and are very popular. They add style and class to any room, and are great at controlling light and privacy.

Panel Glides – Panel Glides in Sydney are another popular type of blind, and are best for large, oversized or sliding windows. They are very elegant and stylish, and very space saving as the panels stack up at the end when fully opened. You can customise the fabric on the panels to create unique design styles, with different colours or even prints.

Roller Blinds – Roller Blinds are great for controlling light and privacy of a room, and can even be motorised for easy operation. They are very versatile and come in various different colours, and can be matched to any interior.

Vertical Blinds – These types of blinds are ideal for smaller windows and are a very popular type of window treatment in Sydney. Vertical blinds are both practical and low cost, and are very easy to clean and maintain.

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