Best Animal Logos Ideas – Because You Are As Wise As an Owl

  Tam Becker    February 17, 2012    437


Are you trying to design your business trademark design and can't come up with ideas?

Don't know which images to use that would depict your company features?

Why not use animal images?

They can give your corporation a global outlook because they are easily recognizable all over the world.

But not every industry can use every kind of mammal image for their company logo. There should be a synergy between the creature's attributes and the business' unique features for the brand mark to be a success.

Let's look at a few famous animal logos ideas for different industries.

1. For a pet store or an animal's hospital:

To make a pet store or an animal's hospital more relatable to its viewers, it needs to have generic animal images that can usually be found in your locality easily. Keeping that in mind, some of the common images that can be used are cat and dog images, two earth mammals that can generally be found everywhere. You can use images of young and cute puppies and kittens to make the corporation trademark design more appealing to people of all ages.

2. For a book store or an educational institute:

For a book store the message that you want to portray should be one of wisdom, knowledge and hard work. Two creatures that can easily depict that are an owl and a honey bee. An owl symbolizes wisdom while a honeybee symbolizes hard work, both of the characteristics are appropriate for these two fields.

3. For a sports team:

The main message that a sports team logo wants to communicate to its viewers is strength and intimidation so they should have an image that stimulates a feeling of fear and respect. A tiger, a fierce wolf or a hawk with its wings out stretched are perfect creatures to depict that.

4. For a women's clothing designer:

For a women's clothing line, the image that they want to portray is style, comfort and confidence. An animal that can clearly depict that is a cat as cats are graceful, stylish and feminine. Another creature for a women's clothing line is a butterfly which is small, fragile, delicate and colorful; all the features that can embody this business.

5. For a men's clothing designer:

Similarly, a men's clothing wants to say that its customers are strong, stylish and masculine. A black panther or black thoroughbreds are two of the best animals logos ideas for this field. Both of these mammals are strong, masculine, graceful and somewhat intimidating, the exact image that a man wants to portray when he dresses up.

6. Music company:

Other than human beings, birds are well-known to have harmonious natures and musical voices. So, a cuckoo or nightingales, two birds that are famous for their melodic and sweet voices, are the most appropriate birds to represent a music company.

Hence, using mammal images is a very effective way to communicate a company's core features.

So are you as wise as an owl or as blind as a bat when it comes to brand mark designing?

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