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It's a bit tricky where the action movie we know now starts. The great escape of 1963? The train robbery 60 years ago?

Pure action movies - all the works of Schwarzenegger, Winton, Siegel, Norris, langlen and others, use the specific details of thrillers to make their superstars become a series of bigger explosions - in the early 1980s, Hollywood began to pay attention to the spectacular martial arts films in Hong Kong and Japan, and then it really began to become popular in the West.

"Dr. no" is also an early Guide: Hitchcock's heroes are often resourceful and responsive, but the popularity of people who can think, explode and get rid of any difficult situation began with James Bond, and the protagonist of the Swiss army is still an essential role in action movies. Nowadays, big action movies mainly exist in the vortex of superhero movies. The protagonist is the extreme logic of superhero agents, which has a strange cycle.

Of course, we didn't lose interest in watching people beat each other up when they were looking for McGovern or something else. Here are the best action movies ever made.

Gantz: O (2016)

Tokyo's decline. Yokohama. The Japanese government and the actual audience of the action horror animation Ganzi: Ao cannot be sure, because all kinds of strange creatures are rampant in the city (zombie Geisha, rolling heads, tiny old people turned into a huge milk ball, etc.). It is this weirdness that makes Ganzi: o an excellent work, because recently dead students have been resurrected and thrown into a game to fight against endless monsters. Imagine the horror survival game mechanism with sci-fi color, and you still can't realize the madness of this animation adaptation game.

Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

Although the original work of "the edge of tomorrow" - sakuraka Ho's nihilistic novel "you just need to kill" in 2004 - has a frustrating westernization, it is still a model of a successful blockbuster. The army clerk played by Tom Cruise, who was sent to the front to fight against alien invasion, has always been a big hit, but his inevitable guts were not the end of this messy army major. On the contrary, a disastrous event forced him to re experience the cycle every day until the moment of death, which led him to find Rita, the hero of the steel war played by Emily Bronte, who tried to break the cycle and save the earth. This is a legend of time and space, which is not as confusing as tenet, but it is also pleasant due to its solid freeze frame and truly creepy biological design.

The Running Man (1987)

"Run brothers" is roughly adapted from Stephen King's novel of the same name. It is the peak action movie of the 1980s. It is both terrifying and high-end. Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a man who is wrongly convicted of genocide in a hungry, dystopian future. As a result, he is forced to enter a deadly video game (wearing Lycra jumpsuits) and fight armed mercenaries. Big prize? forgive! Expect fireworks, silly jokes and retro futuristic aesthetics to become cool again.

The Dark Knight (2008)

The second part of Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy always has the habit of eclipsing the first two, which is mainly due to the camera grabbing performance of the clown played by Heath Ledger, whose influence still dominates the film. In our view, as far as the action scenes are concerned, this is also the best of the three films. The opening is a thrilling bank robbery scene, and the end is a heartbreaking gunfight scene. Along the way, there are many exploding hospitals and imploding football fields. "Dark Knight" is a thoughtful action movie, not even the scene of explosion, just like the scene of two ferries full of passengers refusing to blow up each other in order to save themselves, which proves that Gotham City has a soul after all.

Tenet (2020)

Yes, it's another Nolan, but it's hard to deny that the director's action movie is an event blockbuster. Although the ending of time reversal, time travel and reverse engineering used by it has caused confusion, as far as the action scenes are concerned, "TAINET" is still worth seeing. In addition to the exciting scene of Robert Pattinson and John David Washington fighting with each other - what they learned, not in post production - there is also a bond style bungee jump and a thrilling car chase, which we can see from the past and the future.

Blood Diamond (2006)

In the middle of Leonardo DiCaprio's life, between the spicy curtains, Leonardo the million and please give me some Oscar plum chips, is the action movie David Brent Leo. In "blood diamond", he is mercenary Danny Archer, who was imprisoned for smuggling diamonds during the civil war in Sierra Leone. However, he soon came out and looked for the huge pink diamond with an American reporter (Jennifer Connolly) and the fisherman who first found it (jemon hensu). After the first two acts of perseverance and intransigence, the end of the film is a bit Hollywood, but there are many places worth appreciating in the film, and the light of little plum runs through it. Because the major is... That's what he wants. 

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