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We have loads of work to do, so take some time out to recharge yourself by getting a good night’s sleep. The quality and quantity of your sleep can make all the difference in how productive you will be the next day. Adequate amount of sleep is thus necessary. Even for the children, it is necessary for them to sleep well, as they loose a lot of emery the whole day round as they re constantly doing something. Adequate sleep is thus necessary for all to remain in good health and well-being.

Children’s bed

Never place a crib or children’s bed near a window. Infants playing or sleeping in their cribs near windows get caught and tangled in the looped cords of the window treatment. Toddlers while trying to look out of the window or climbing on furniture may loose their footing and get wrapped in the cord. Avoid putting the cords. It is very necessary to keep the children’s bed in a safe place. The bed of the children should be placed away from the window to let their safety. More over if the bed is placed at the window side then, there is a possibility of the insects entering your child’s room and thus your child might get caught up with some disease. Place the bed of your children in the middle of the room, away from the window.

Your bed

Place your bed too in the middle of the room. Do not place your bed near window, as it might just be harmful. If the bed at the window side you might just happen to forget to close the window and thus invite the insects inside. Thus, you might get caught up with a disease. Moreover, all the dust and the dirt would get accumulated on your bed. Although you might clean your bed everyday, some dust and dirt might just remain there and thus, there would be spread of disease. If the bed is not clean and is dirty, you might not even get good sound sleep. If you do not sleep well at night, then you will become anxious the next day due to 8inadequate sleep.
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