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  Harshada Jadhav    May 12, 2016    653


The present civilization is evolved through many stages. Humans formed small clusters for their existence. First cluster was family, then neighborhood and then society. They all finally merged with other such clusters to form a civilization. After fulfilling basic needs of food and shelter, humans tended to live in cleaner habitat. Cleaner life needed hygiene and sanitation. A person’s status could be gauged by their standards of hygiene. Societal norms mandated that better placed persons were those, who had better access to cleaner environs and higher standards of sanitation. Hence there is always an urge for people from lower rungs of society’s hierarchy to move higher, through improvement in their sanitation norms.

Present society firmly believes that best norms of sanitation must be available to everybody at affordable costs. Every family can have their own standard of sanitation maintained at their home, by constructing proper restrooms and toilets. However, when people move out of their homes and visit places, which are temporary habitats, the issue of maintaining personal hygiene assumes greater significance. A clean restroom always adds to the merit of the habitat. A family would always prefer mobile toilets, when on a picnic or on a nature trail. Fortunately, many solutions are available at hand in such situations. Best sanitation facilities include trailers, fitted with most convenient systems. In fact the solutions to sanitation are very versatile. The solutions take into consideration needs of all age groups, as also of differently abled people. A VIP toilet is created for the purpose of convenience and ease of the people, when outdoors. Such a facility would have the right combination of all ingredients, like space, portability, illumination and energy utilization. A restroom can be assembled with ease.

A special class of VIP restroom can have fresh water flush, self closing faucet, and built trash receptacle. The unit would have good illumination. The unit is powered by solar energy. Overall such a unit is ideally suited for boutique events. It can be used by over one hundred people, before replenishment assistance.

Another version of mobile toilets includes a wheelchair accessible restroom. This is made spacious for the desired purpose. Water closet, urinal and hand wash facility are equipped with this version. Such a facility is created for fulfilling needs of differently abled persons. A ladies only version is also available and can be employed at ladies gatherings.

The restrooms serve the manifold purposes. First and foremost is of course the convenience. Secondly the ease of transport makes the operation simple as the toilets are mobile.  They can be also attached to VIP trailers. These facilities also help in maintaining good standards of personal hygiene for individual users, while keeping the environs ecologically friendly through optimum use of water and other forms of energy. Organizers of outdoor events can forget the worries of looking after pressing needs of hygiene of the attendees. One good choice of VIP mobile toilets, frees them from such bothers. This concept of mobile toilets is getting very popular in developed as well as developing countries, in both urban and rural areas. This phenomenon has also found social acceptance. Thus everybody can look forward to a VIP seat, when one is outdoors.

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