Basic Difference Between Honeycomb Blinds and Panel Glides

  Emma Lopez    January 21, 2021    74


They both add a touch of elegance in terms of aesthetics and are very functional. Honeycomb Blinds in Sydney are available with many reputed vendors of blinds and shutters and are the number one choice for those looking for greater insulation in their homes. They block out the heat during the hot summer months and retain warmth inside the house during the cold winter. These types of blinds consist of two or more layers of fabric pleated together to form cells or pockets. The honeycomb-shaped cells on these blinds (hence the name), trap air within them creating a barrier between the window and the room.

These blinds are ideal for homes because they create greater insulation thus saving on energy bills, gives better privacy, are noise cancelling and the slim profile means you don’t require a lot of depth. You can get Honeycomb Blinds in Sydney in a number of colours and fabrics, including block out fabric. You can even get printed designs to give your home an extra bit of style.

Panel Glides on the other hand are ideal for large or oversized windows or sliding doors. They are very versatile and elegant, and you can find Panel Glides in Sydney made from a range of fabrics and colours. You can even mix and match colours and fabrics to create your own design theme. They consist of large panels which run along a track and stack up at the end when fully opened. Hence they are very space-saving as well.

Panel Glides are ideal for blocking out light and controlling privacy, and can even be used as room dividers. These can be motorized as well for ease of operation, and are perfect for homes with pets or little children, as they don’t consist of hanging cords or chains.

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