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While watching television the viewer is in a very relaxed mood and is absolutely entertained by the scenes. He can improve the utility of the time spent in watching television by performing some back exercises. By this method, he can achieve dual gains of entertainment and body fitness simultaneously.

Low Back exercises

The low back exercise program comprises of various stretching and strengthening exercises to improve the flexibility and strength of the trunk musculatures for the low back care. If the program is adhered to very strictly there would be some enhancement in the posture, work endurance and athletic performance. The exercises have to be performed properly so that the back and neck are not irritated. If any discomfort other than muscle soreness is felt, it becomes necessary to decrease the repetitions or the speed must be slowed down. The different exercises are Knee to chest, Pelvic Tilt, Hip Rolling, Pelvic Lift, Lower abdominal Exercises, Curl Ups, Cat and Camel, Tail Wagging, Hip extension, Hand-Knee rocking, Lying prone in extension, Press up, Back extension, Arm Lifts, Knee push up, Push up, Trunk Rotation, Full Back Release, Upper Back stretch, Side bending, Backward bending and Pectoralis Stretch.

Minimizing problems with back pain

While watching television the problems associated with the back pain can be overcome by proper exercises. Wall slides help in strengthening back, hip and leg muscles. Leg raises with the chest on the ground are performed to increase the strength of back and hip muscles. Leg raises with the back on the ground are done to strengthen the stomach and hip muscles. The Back leg swing increases the strength of the back and hip muscles. To decrease the strain on the back lie on the back and raise the knees to the chest as close as possible. Then lower the legs. Begin with five such repetitions. The other exercise to achieve this goal is to stand with the feet just apart. Bend backwards at the waist and hold this position for a couple of seconds.

If done in a proper, gradual and progressive mode, active exercises causes nutrients to be distributed into the disc space and soft tissues in the back to keep the discs, muscles, ligaments and joints in a healthy condition.
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