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Baby photography is the taking of professional photographs for children/baby. Taking professional photographs for children is particularly important since this usually serves as a reminder to both the parent and children of the wonderful moments they were having. Professional baby photographers have an aspect of taking baby photographs in the right manner and in right postures to leave you amazed. This is not the same with other types of photographers. Over time professional baby photographers have become very famous when taking photographs for children is involved. Their involvement in baby photography will only increase over time. The following are some of the professional photographers in the central coast region.

1. Danielle Butters photography.
This is a professional photographer who has specialized in contemporary portraiture and also underwater photography which will mostly involve baby photography, wedding, maternity and also family portraiture. They offer on location photography in the central coast area and also the surrounding areas. Some of their amazing works has been shown in their website.

2. TracyBeveridge photography
This photography studio was formed due to the love for the deep connection between humanity and relationships among them. She has specialized in pregnancy, newborn and also children photography. She has a very unique ability which enables her to use natural light to capture various natural beauty and also candid moment. Her site includes some of her work

3. Jane McCrae Photography
This studio was formed as a result of turning her passion to her career. She has specialized in pregnancy, birth and newborn photography. She has approached photography believing that best moments are not planned for rather they just happen and you have to be ready to capture them.

4. Jodie Andrews photography
She has done remarkable works involve capturing Marli and Summa twins smiling at the same time. This picture had a total of 2699 likes and only within 6 hours of posting it had already reached 1500+ likes. This took her photography to another level. She offers onsite and also in studio photography. Shehas different packages which are meant to suit different clients.

5. Two Happy Lambs photography
This photography is owned by Mary Thomas. She is very passionate about her business and will do any means possible and legal to expand and make it more popular. She had a passion for photography and this is the main aspect which accelerated her passion and love for photography. She believes that real professional photographers have to have an eye for specific beautiful moments rather than only using different poses.

6. LisaMaksoudian
She specializes in newborn, babies and children photography. She has won various awards for her photography. She has travelled to different regions of the world and this has helped her to up her game to levels which are quite appreciated and accepted.
These are some of the professional photographers found in the central coast who are engaging in professional baby photography.


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