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Baby phtography is a photography where photos of a baby are take by a proffesional photographer.over time this photographers are becoming very common due to the importance of taking quality baby photographs.The need for taking proffesional baby photos serves as a reminder to the parents and as a mark of recognition to the child.Parent now day require photography which is proffesional so that even unique aspects of the photo can be photographers ussualy have the ability to capture some of the moments which are amazing.the following is a list of baby photographers offering proffesional photography in Central Coast.

1.Essence Image
this is a group of photographers offering proffesional baby photography.the newborn and baby photos ussualy reminds you of the joyous time you had with your delivers a unique expression of love.this is what Essence Image has specialised in.they are based in central coast and will offer you proffesional baby photography to the customers involved.they are located in Hunter Valley but they also offer on-site photography.

2.Lucy Tillman photography
Lucy is a proffesional portrait photographer who has specialised in offering baby photography.she ussualy offers 1-2 hours of photography.all the images will be saved on a disk.out of all the images 10 will be edited in colour and also in black and white.she offers low rates to the different photography she engages in.

3.Cake Smash and Child portrait cenatral coast.
they offer photoshop and outdoor child portrait session in the central coast area.some of the photography in which they have specilised on will include Maternity ,Birth ,Breastfeeding and babywearing photography packages.they charge favourable prices for their photography.they also offer extra images and also combined packages at extra cost.this is ussualy on request.

4.Danielle Butter photography
she specializes in contemporaray portraiture and also undrewater photography which will include wedding ,newborn ,children ,couple and martenity/pregnancy photography.Her site contains some of the amazing works she has performed.they are based in the central coast but they also offer on location photography.

5.PixelChiks Images
this is an individual photographer offering proffesional photography.they operate every day from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.he is experienced and has worked on contract for other business.he has portable equipments which enable him to move to different locations offering photography.he produces quality images at an affordable price.

6.Shelley Louise photography
this photographer is based in central coast and has been studing photography for the last 3 years.she aims at offering affordable and quality photography to clients and members.she offer sessions which will last different hours depending on your pay ability.for $50 you will get 45 minutes but this is at this present moment (2015).the charges may change over have the freedom of choosing a location where the photography will take place.


If you are here you are probably looking for an awesome Wedding Photography Central Coast,if you are looking for something out of the box, just like yoursel

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