Avoid the Perils of Idling Through Vehicle Tracking System

  Lee Denis    July 30, 2012    4634


Do you know how much your truck consumes fuel just from not moving? Idling is one of the most overlooked aspects in driving and one of the easiest to correct with GPS tracking. The driver allows the engine to run while delivering, going to the toilet, ordering food or when stranded in traffic. If you have a large engine, chances are you lose three-tenths of each gallon for every half hour of idling. If you have a fleet of trucks, the costs can add up.

Grim statistics

According to the US Department of Energy, you need only to use 14-16% of the fuel energy to run your truck as well as activate your air conditioning. The rest is lost to ineffective driving techniques and idling. In its report, engine losses (including heat from the exhaust, thermal, radiator, combustion and friction) account for about 70% of the fuel energy. Wind resistance, braking, and road resistance also make up 17-21% of the losses to your fuel. Gas prices inSingaporeare very expensive because of the high tax. So for an average of $6.00 Singaporean dollar per gallon, you would have lost about a dollar every time one of your trucks idles. With the GPS tracking device, you can check where your trucks are at any given time and determine if they are out of route.

Training and monitoring

It’s probably not your fault as you haven’t been remiss in training and reminding your truck drivers of the proper driving techniques. But you can’t really be sure whether they are where they should be at a particular moment. They could be driving your truck to their home while they catch up on sleep, or fetching their kids from school. Apart from idling, these unauthorized trips cost you money from the fuel they consume. While you certainly understand that they have an obligation to their family, the also have a responsibility to your company. Monitoring them with a vehicle tracking system can save you thousands each year in fuel expenses as well as evaluate the capacity of your truck drivers to follow instructions.

Other Benefits

In order to save cost, you don’t have to install the software in your company and instead outsource the tracking to a specialist. In this way, you will just be hooked up to the system and immediately find where your trucks are going through the GPS tracking device. You can also plan the most efficient route going to the destination, which ensures less idling and less delivery time.

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