Automatic Blister Packing Machine process can be precisely controlled

  Bernice Sparks    March 13, 2017    997


The use of high frequency machine: High Frequency Welding can be used for pure PVC or containing 30% PVC above any soft and hard film, leather or cloth for the special purpose can be processed.

Spark suppression: spark generated, the special electronic circuit automatically cut off the high frequency to protect the electrodes and products.

Protection device: over current, the overload current relay automatically protects the oscillation tube and rectifier.

Weekly stability: the oscillation rate of such machines using the international industrial band 27.12MHz or 40.68MHz, the output rate of stability, in line with international standards, suitable for use around.

First, the working principle of ultrasonic welding machine

Ultrasonic metal welding machine is through high-frequency mechanical vibration of non-ferromagnetic metal materials for welding parts. In the welding process, one of the workpiece is fixed, the other workpiece to 20 / 40kHz frequency in its surface for repeated reciprocating vibration, while the workpiece pressure, so that the formation of a solid combination between the workpiece, so as to achieve the effect of welding The

The Automatic Blister Packing Machine process can be precisely controlled, while the metal surface will not produce excess heat, welding fastness.

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