Austin SEO: Making Google’s Search Algorithm Work for You

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Even if Microsoft is slowly gaining ground in the search engine market, now securing about a third of the pie share from its Bing and Yahoo Search in 2011, Google remains the dominant force as 6 in 10 people still use it when they search for a product or service. By employing the expertise of a SEO company, you can turn this into your advantage.

What does Google consider as important?

Search engines, Google included, always strive to anticipate what the person wants when he or she enters keywords and phrases in the search box. In order to do this, they have to weed out the websites that are artificially boosted with what are now known as “black hat” SEO campaigns. What’s left is the “essence” or the most relevant websites related to those searches. Since about a decade ago, Google has put more stock on the credibility and authority of the sites before indexing them. An Orange County or San Diego SEO company will help your site in gaining credibility.

Keyword density remains important

You can almost feel the “but” coming so here it is: but … Google is starting to address this gap. There used to be a time when SEO was still in its infancy stage when stuffing keywords in one article will get you noticed. Then every San Diego or Orange County SEO “experts” jumped into the bandwagon and started peddling this myth. It can’t be denied that keyword density still has some juice left but it’s always a delicate balance—too little and your post won’t matter, too much and your post will be flagged as spam. What is more important now is how relevant your article will be for the readers or what sort of information it contains.

Linkbuilding and anchor texts

Just how many are linking to your site will get the hard-to-impress Google to sit up and take notice. Here, the search engine is likely to place more importance on other corporate websites related to your industry that are linking to your site, more that individual domains. This bodes well to the credibility and authority of your site. New tweaks in Google’s mathematical algorithms seem to have a negative impact on anchor text in external links, particularly when the anchor text stands on an island by itself. These are just a taste of what a good SEO company will incorporate into your site to make sure you get high traffic on your website and, if your product is really worth the customer’s time, boost your revenues.

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