Asian women and their love affair with the saree

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The saree is a piece of clothing that originated in India, but has now spread to countries all over Asia. It is no surprise that the saree is one of the most popular clothing items for women across South Asia. The beauty and versatility of this dress are unparalleled by any other article of clothing. In Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan it is common to see women wearing these colourful garments on their daily commute or at work.


There are various types of sarees online in Sri Lanka, available depending on the occasion, from casual everyday wear to wedding attire, so there really is something for everyone. Sarees can be made out of cotton twill or silk dupioni. They have long been very popular with Indian brides because of their fine quality and rich colours.


Sarees are made in a variety of ways, but the most popular is probably the Bandhani technique, where small sections of fabric are tied up tightly with string before dyeing it to create unique patterns such as those found in batik sarees in Sri Lanka. Another common style that is used is called 'ikat' which involves tying knots along certain threads before dying them to achieve intricate designs.


The saree is a long piece of cloth that is wrapped around the body in various styles

Saree is the traditional clothing for women in India. While saree styles vary across different parts of India, there are some common rules that govern wearing a saree. A typical Indian Saree has three to nine yards of cloth material wrapped around the waist with one end draped over the shoulder, usually left bare but sometimes only partially covering it depending on local cultural norms. The draping style can vary from region to region or even village to village within regions based on age group, social status etc.


There are many different styles of wearing a saree, including:

  • The Nivi style, where the pleats are at the front and back of a woman's body.
  • The Draping style involves draping a saree around a slim frame to create thick folds that hide any excess weight.
  • The Gujarat style which involves the peats to be on the front.


Sarees can be made from either silk or cotton material depending on preference and what is available locally in different regions. Lighter shades such as ivory, yellow and baby blue tend to go well with Asian skin tones, whereas darker colours may look better for those with fairer complexions. Sarees come in beautiful colours and prints, as well as mirror work, zari work and embroidery.


In South Asia it is often called the "National Dress" or "Mother dress"

The saree is the national dress for women in many South Asian countries. Sarees are comfortable, versatile and can be worn in different ways depending on preference. It is available in various styles and patterns which include five yards (a typical length for an adult woman), eight yards (usually made into two pieces that form a stitched blouse), nine yards (one piece of cloth with pleats sewn to create folds at both ends). The nine-yard sarees tend to lay around one metre longer than other types of traditional sarees.


Sarees are typically made from cotton or silk and come in a variety of colours

Sarees can be made with different materials such as cotton, silk, georgette, net and crepe. For example, cotton sarees are preferred in hot summer months, while silk is more popular during the monsoon season. Silk sarees with embroidery or handwork such as beading etc are worn for special occasions such as wedding and festivities.


You can find many variations of sarees such as single colour ones, double ikat or dhoti printed silk etc. Dhoti printed silk is quite popular for its unique pattern and style which will suit any occasion. They are available in both handloom and machine-made options using the latest technology with great quality at affordable prices to suit every customer's needs through ecommerce stores that offer ladies clothing online as well as retail stores.


It can be said that Asian women certainly have a love affair with these beautifully crafted sarees whether they are made with silk, handloom, cotton or any other fabric. Whatever style they wear it in, and whatever design or colour, it is certainly a beautiful type of clothing which even many tourists like to wear when visiting these South Asian countries.


Sarees can even be purchased as gift items to be given to loved ones as they make a very unique and beautiful gift, and if you are giving a saree as a gift, it is important to make sure that the person receiving this special item places themselves in the correct traditional setting for wearing one of these items.

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