Artificial Intelligence meets Mobile and Social Brand Advertising

  vikas gaur    May 30, 2011    1549


Advertising puts any and every brand on the market face and while some efforts require a good budget backing, there are still many activities that only require delegation of advertising responsibilities to people who might do it for a considerably lower cost or just for the fun of it. Now you can go ahead and question where does ‘fun’ come in the marketing equation. The World Wide Web as recently become host to a number of websites that effectively undertake mobile marketing of brands via its users in return for freebies and goodies. Such promotional activities are very generic, like photographing brands and sharing them via internet to users worldwide. To avail awesome freebies such as plasma screen TVs and cold cash all you need to do is snap to buy. Let us now look into how artificial intelligence is employed for its services in brand advertising.

Such websites create a recognition platform which may come in the same line as mobile apps and sometimes above them. They make use of a combination of computer vision and other forms of data analysis to build authentic communities for various brands at the same time. They utilize R&D such as object detection, image and logo recognition, integration of computer vision with social networking, of apps and mobile sensors, intelligence tools that augment reality, and consequently enlarges global brand image, cross carrier MMS solutions and extensive social and mobile web data mining. QR (Quick Response) code alternatives are able to provide a sensible alternate solution to encode and decode information regarding text, URL and other such data; the sole purpose of which is high speed decoding of great amounts of data. Artificial intelligence assists advertising with great effectiveness and is able to increase the market brands cover via promotions.

Mobile advertising is a ‘cover a lot of market’ crossed with one’s ability to make geographical and monetary distinctions in the targeted market. With the passage of time, one could clearly note the advent of innovation in every field and promotional advertising is not beyond its limit. Utilization of technology to extract the maximum out of one’s advertisement spend has given rise to such novel way to brand marketing. Such exercises make the company’s media nd product logos a good part of the searchable, social web, link offline to the online world via image recognition and execute alternate marketing strategies to complement existing advertisement. With the swift rise of excogitation in marketing ventures, one is sure to see many more novel promotional ideas sprout up.

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