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drug addiction signs and symptoms

One can experience withdrawal symptoms from Stimulants such as Methamphetamines, from Sedatives such as Valium, long lasting tranquilizers such as Bar

addiction treatment center

I am Katrina from addiction. Writing is my passion. I would like to help people those who are struggling with addiction.

A Seduction Story: Julian Foxx and Amy

I'm about to radically redefine your perception of what the friend zone is. It isn't something you should fear, it's something you should embrace. The friend zone is your friend...Bear with me...

Infidelity: why men cheat

It's been called everything from having an "improper relationship" to having an "undercover lover" to having a "freak on the side." But whatever name it's given, it means one thing -- cheating. And relationship experts say men are doing it now more than ever.

In fact, experts estimate that nearly 75 percent of married men, or men involve...

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