Are you Socially Anxious?

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All by the definitions Social Anxiety Disorder means an anxiety disorder, otherwise known as social phobia, in which a person devolves an excessive and unreasonable fear of social situations, that can result in intense nervousness and self-consciousness as one is fired of being closely watched, judged, and criticized or straight bullied by others. There is not age group which can be targeted as bound to cause such psyche. Apparently, there are no fixed set of factors that can cause a certain social phobias as factor and their effects on an individual is subjective and it can defers.

Human is indeed a social and most of the life structure is depending upon social interaction, but some situation or incident can make a person go against this natural instincts. There is wide like between fear, shyness, inhibition and a phobia, as other emotions and reaction can be controlled by conscious, but same can’t in cases of phobia. Especially when it comes to social phobia, people who have one have trouble talking to people, meeting new people, and attending social gatherings, in short person might tend to resilient about social interactions. In case, if it left unattained state it can badly effect your productivity, being alert, develop close relationships with people outside of their family or mainly tend to be alienated from the current situation or in collectively, with life.


There are much chances that one person can reflect different set of symptoms, but here are some of the commonly found signs that can guide in a direction.

In Behavior: Person can tend to be blushing or be shy, occasionally as person reached to the panic state he can show signs like nausea, excessive sweating, trembling or shaking, and dire difficulty speaking, even dizziness or lightheadedness. There are also some cases where victim have noted to have rapid heart rate rise. Though there is possibility that it can be linked to other medical alignments but in any cases it is wise to opt for a medical checkup.

In Psychological pattern: indeed it takes observation or self-observations to figure it out, and psychoanalysis by a doctor would be appropriate. But if you are in mood to self-analyze, you can ask yourself questions like are you worrying intensely about social situations? Or worrying for days or weeks before an event? Are you avoiding social interactions or trying to submerge into the background if you have to attend? Are constantly worrying about embarrassing yourself in a social situation? Are you inhibited to thought that other people will notice you are stressed or nervous? Or felt a need of alcohol, soul food or any other substance to face a social situation? If most of the questions are yes then it is time you should seek therapy.

Possible Causes:

Just as signs differ from one another, some of the possible factors causing would also vary. Though there are slight chances that it can be passed through genetic code but in most cases it is the environmental factors, for short or longer period of time, that cause most of the damages. It is not necessary that victim from adolescent age be prone to bullying as other factors like family conflicts and sexual abuse can dim the life with major effects and adults.

Hormonal imbalance, unattained or for prolonged period of time can make one feel down in negative side of mood spectrum it is wise to keep your hormonal balance intact. Apparently, the serotonin is a chemical in the brain that helps regulate mood and an overactive amygdale, which is a structure in the brain that controls fear response and feelings or thoughts of anxiety, might also cause these such disorders.

Though there aren’t any profound linking but what one sees and how they interpret can also cause one person to maintain off from a particular topic, to which you’re subconscious can develop into a social awkwardness to phobia, depending upon nature of such topic.

Though medical science enough to keep an effective range of treatment options that can help you manage sign or cure such disorders. In most cases, facing that the factor that cause anxiousness and group therapy approach works in wonder. There is rare case where such victims needed to be on prescribed medications and it is suggested to consult with doctors before extending uses of such medic course.

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