Are You Searching For Pool Safety Inspections In QLD?

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Our pool safety inspections are done to the optimum standard and manage every aspect of what is actually needed to make your pool 100 % safe for you and your loved ones.

New Pool Safety Inspections Guidelines Qld

Pool safety inspections are essential legally in Brisbane, in 2008 there had been a change in the Pool safety inspection laws in Qld that centered on lowering the number of avoidable drownings particularly with young and susceptible people.As part of the Queensland home pool legislation modifications in 2010, pool owners are now required to create and always maintain a compliant fence near their swimming pool.This applies to all pools irrespective of how old they are.

Our advice is that if you've any kind of doubts about what is necessary for your home then call us.We will look into the compliance & safety of your swimming pool, detect the troublesome areas so you know where to look for and give ideas on how you can remedy it. By doing this, we will reduce your liability and make sure you are not putting anybody in danger.

When Pool Safety Inspections Services Are Essential?

All pools which are in-ground, whether completely or partially, should be now surrounded by fences.

Based on water depth, swimming pool fencing may be needed for above-ground swimming pool installations.

Portable Pools and Spas

Queensland’s Pool Safety regulations apply to swimming pools, including portable swimming pools & spas, when it

can carry water greater than 300mm

could be filled up with a capacity more than 2,000L

has a filtering system.

When your swimming pool meets the requirements as listed above, you will need to:

Add swimming pool safety barriers to obtain building approval

Have your swimming pool barrier inspected and obtain a pool safety certificate from a licensed pool safety certifier

register your swimming pool or spa.

How Frequently Do You Have To Get A Pool Safety Certificate?

The pool safety certificate is good for 2 years for non-shared pools while for shared pools the certificates are valid for a period of 1 year only.

Why You Should Choose Elite Pool Inspections For Your Pool Safety Inspections Services?

For our company, our priority is not the paperwork, although we know that's an important aspect, but in giving you the peace of mind that your swimming pool is safe.Experiencing and enjoying the summer time with family, being outside in the sun, and hanging out close to the pool are one of the very best moments, but we know that that can all change in just a few seconds in case your swimming pool is not thoroughly fenced & risk-free.

Our pool examiner will check that the conditions of your pool and also the surrounding area, the fence across the pool area, and also locks on all gates leading to the pool area are up to Brisbane code.

Our swimming pool inspectors are well-informed on these local laws & pool safety regulations, which means you are assured that we know exactly what we are performing.We're readily available with flexible timing in accordance with the customer's requirements, so you can schedule your pool inspection after-hours and even on weekend time for your convenience.

Our pool safety inspections are performed to the highest standard and our team take the stress out of getting a Compliance Certificate for your property or home.If you'd like to organize an inspection with our polite team of experts or have any questions about your pool safety inspections process, please contact us.

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