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Do you want to enhance your skills in a short time? We offer up to the mark laser course which can make you a certified specialist within a week. If you are already doing a job and want to perk up your skills, this course is specially designed to accomplish your needs. Apply for a course and get back as a senior member in laser practice within a few days. We have arranged a cosmetic laser program which is essential for laser experts to execute the treatment in a professional way. The course is settled on basic laser types to give a comprehensive understanding and the surety to get long lasting satisfactory results.

Discern the science following the technology and increase the experience by using the top quality equipment. It is important that the learners have the opportunity to work with leading clinical proctors to obtain clinical training on patients. We have a team of capable and trained members who perform more than ten million laser treatments in a year. The Education Department of New York State has approved this program. The course is recognized by Lloyds of London which is renowned for laser technicians’ insurance. The time period of laser course is 38 hours. All the certified members of Esthetician, LPN, Cosmetologist, RN, Physician, Physician’s Assistant and Electrologists can apply for this course. Here is the list of courses offered by our institute. Select a course which suits your profession and interest.
Course Outline
•    Laser / IPL Safety
•    Business Development
•    Indications and Contraindications
•    Equipment and Supplies
•    Consultation
•    Outcomes
•    Hands On Practice
•    Demonstration / Hair Removal
•    Introduction to Case Study Format
•    Work Area Setup
•    Structure and Functions of Hair
•    Laser and IPL Treatment Theory and Hair Removal
•    Basic Laser / IPL Theory
•    Bacteriology Sanitation & Disinfection
•    Endocrine System
•    Structure and Functions of Skin
We are a non-profit organization which has a complete network of business. The applicants from different disciplines are invited. The interest in laser application and advanced technology can assist the worker in an improved way. Our members are highly qualified and have enough experience in different modes of technology. Organizing and executing the booming laser protection program is our top most precedence.  It does not matter, whether the course applicants are a novice or well-trained; our aim is to support the utmost standard of laser protection. It is our duty to keep the work area safe from risks connected with lasers. The goals are achieved by the coalition of Health administration and Occupational Safety.

We are the most renowned institute for the training of online laser safety program. We have modified the laser course according to the needs of industry. The course encircles the issues related to educational, medical and industrial aspects. The learning process has become more valuable as the iPads, Smartboard and up-to-date apparatus is used to provide the preeminent result. Learn the methods to manage a gainful practice as each and every aspect of the course is required to get success.

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