Antenna repairs

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An antenna is also known as the aerial. Antenna transmits and receives the radio active waves in the class of electromagnetic waves. An antenna is the arrangement of the electric conductors. Basically it serves the purpose of converting the electrical of radio frequency into electromagnetic waves and vice versa. An antenna is used for many purposes like television broadcasting, radio communication, space exploration and many more. Usually antennas are placed in the air or the outer space. Use of antenna will enable the television to forecast all the channels and radio will catch the radio waves, and the user can listen to different programmers.

Causes of antenna repairs

The antennas get deteriorated very soon; this issue has become a topic of discussion. The main cause of deterioration is bad standards in respect of design and construction of towers and supporting structures. Another cause is that less attention is given to design of antenna and tower component. Many factors are responsible for the durability of the antenna

Antenna repairs

Antenna should be repaired very carefully; firstly, the motor of the antenna should be removed and disassembled. This is done to remove all the broken pieces of the cable in the house of motor. After the cable wires are removed then reinstall the housing unit of motor and do not install lock nuts and exterior trim pieces. It is always advisable that antenna should be repaired with the help of two people one will turn ignition and other will listen to the motor of antenna. This will enable to know about the fact whether the motor is spinning. One fact that is needed to be taken care of is that wire should be taken all the way down. As soon as the cable made up of nylon is correctly placed then the first person will switch off the radio and then the motor of antenna will automatically pull the cable of the antenna in the house of motor. Second person will place the cable in the opening house. In the end replace the three main things like trim pieces, voila and lock nut.
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