Antenna array

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The elements of the antenna array means the collection of all the similar radiation and elements related to the antenna, where the counting of the elements starts from 1 till N number. The similarity of the elements is judged on the basis of the same frequency, which means to derive voltage of each element one has fixed amplitude and phase angle. The simplest pattern of antenna is single antenna element. They generally have broad radiation pattern. It is good for much application to operate. The cell phone is most advantageous device by the simplest antenna device. In other kind of application, it is easy to determine the point of transmission of radio signal. An antenna array is necessary for working of antenna.

Pattern of array in antenna

Element pattern means the polar radiation pattern of single element of antenna. It is possible that element can be an array. This condition is true with the antenna called as Yagi Uda antenna, in which the array of dipoles with unlike amplitudes and phases with current of dipoles. Polar radiation pattern will result in the array pattern if the replacement of the element is with isotropic radiator. The amplitude and phase of the actual element are spaced at the point on grid which is corresponding to the phase center constituting elements fielded at a far of place.

Pattern multiplication and its calculation

The elements constituting the polar radiation pattern are taken individually are similar and aligned in the same direction in elevation, the result of the total array antenna pattern is derived by multiplying the element pattern and array pattern. The pattern in question is radiated power or amplitude that have modulus and phase angle both as the original pattern. The calculation of the radiated filled pattern is done by adding contribution of the each element to radiated field. The person involved in calculation should consider phase angle of isotope excitation and delay in phase due to the time taken by the signal to reach from source to the point in field. The field strength also known as pattern of power polar radiation.

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