Android or iPhone: What to Choose?

  Mark  Wilston    November 29, 2012    2197


In the smartphone market there has been a raging debate on iPhone versus Android. While iPhone continues to enjoy a cult following among its fans, Android has got the numbers on its side with an estimated 72% smartphones running on this mobile operating system. Now when it comes to choosing between the two, buyers often find it tough to zero in on one. Let us now analyze a few important things which can simplify your choice.

  • Hardware : iPhone is a proprietary product with Apple being the only manufacturer and thus it allows them to exercise extensive quality control over the hardware and its performance. IPhones are known score extremely high points when it comes to their performance. Android on the other hand is an open source OS which is being used by different manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC and LG. The user experience isn’t that great in entry end phones as the hardware cannot draw complete mileage out of Android’s operating system.
  • Styling : The styling of the iPhone is one of the standout features of the products and the sleek gadgets makes a lot of style statement. This explains the long queues outside the Apple store every time a new model hits the stands. In case of Android again, the styling depends on the handset manufactures with some such as Samsung’s Galaxy series giving iPhones as a run for money while in other cases there isn’t much to talk about in terms of styling.
  • Applications : Mobile applications are one of the biggest selling points for any smartphones. Apple has some stringent guidelines when it comes to application development as all the apps have to undergo quality check before they make it to App Store. Android being open source makes application development easy which cuts down the entry barriers and gives developers much more freedom to develop apps. Android thus offers much more apps to the developers than iPhones.
  • Price and Variety : It is one of the primary concerns for any customer when it comes to buying a smartphones. iPhones comes with a huge price tag costing more than $200 in USA plus pre-conditions and a locked service offer and as much as $1000 in other parts of the world. Whereas there are many Android powered phones start below the $100 mark with no such pre-conditions.
  • Variety : iPhone might be a well-crafted phone in the world but Apple doesn’t have an alternative to this in case a customer isn’t satisfied with the styling and features. Its uni-directional approach has led to its market share fall down and that of Android’s rise due to the variety it has. There are hundreds of Android powered phones available in the market for the customers to choose from.

Thus it is very difficult for one to pick on one when it comes to choosing between an iPhone and an Android powered phone especially when the fight is between one versus many. So it all boils down to what you like the most.

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