An In-Depth Critical Analysis of Seventh Day Adventist Church Logo Design

  Tam Becker    October 29, 2011    839


A church cannot be described in words; it is a divine concept that can only be understood when one has an in-depth interest, faith and belief in the religion. It is a place of worship for the followers of Christianity. Most of the people identify the word with a building that is so not true, it is something more than that. When Jesus told that He would build a church, He didn't mean that He would build a building but an assembly of people which is the literal meaning of "Church" as well.

It encompasses a divine and spiritual concept and when it comes to church logo ideas they should be taken very seriously because no doubt religion is a sensitive concept. Crafting church logos are unlike other company's and business's identities which are solely made to increase their sales. The religious identities are created with a view to present and acquaint the church both nationally and internationally.

As the nature and objective of these religious identities are totally different from other companies then what are the factors that are necessary to get the best religious representation? When we talk about religion, we have not many options because there are certain limitations and rules which we have to follow. For instance; use of loud colors are avoided in these religious identities. Also the role of symbology is there to a certain degree such as; dove, cross, shield, bible, dove etc which emphasizes on the true nature and principles of Christianity.

Time is changing the trends as most of the churches want to do something new unlike the stereotypical images found in contemporary and old religious identities. They are going towards the broad meaning of abstract art which will encapsulate wider concepts to illustrate their religion.

In the new Seventh Day Adventist Church Logo one can see a trio among three symbols; the open bible, the flame and the cross which have very obvious meanings. If you are confused about the flame then let me inform you that it signifies the Holy Spirit so that the Gospel can be understood and proclaimed by the world.

This cardinal concept requires an undivided attention from the side of a graphic designer, not only that it also demands a designer's expertise, creativity and most of all common sense. For this, you have to go for a professional graphic design company. You can find thousands of online services by conducting a little search over the internet. Once you find the graphic designer or service of your choice, you can hire them to get your religious identity but make sure they are experienced, reputed and best suits your requirements otherwise it would only create problems for you and nothing else.

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