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Aluminium balustrades productsBalustrade fencing is used in almost every home and building. Balustrade fencing is used to keep away as well as to protect life. It is used around property to demarcate public from private, it is used on the edge of staircases and balconies to protect life, it is even used as decorative demarcation of rooms or areas e.g. glass balustrade fencing around swimming pools – to prevent people from accidentally falling into an indoor aluminium slat fencing and to contain splashes.

Traditionally, since the middle ages, balustrade fencing has been used to demarcate and protect much the same as it is today. Back then however, aluminium balustrade were made from timber. Today timber has become a precious and expensive commodity. Fortunately, there are alternatives that are not only cheaper, they look better, are weather resistant, and will outlast timber. The material is aluminium.

Aluminium glass fencing is light weight but as strong as timber, is beautiful to look at and requires almost zero maintenance. It is not attacked by termites, requires no coat of paint, varnish or anti-termite treatment. Aluminium Balustrade fencing is available in various sizes or can be ordered to specification, and is easier than timber to install. Furthermore, Aluminium Balustrade fencing offers you various easy options; you can go for louvers and slats as they offer better privacy or you can opt for chain link fencing or wire mesh or glass and so on.

Maintaining glass pool fencing is also quite easy. A once-a-week wipe with an anti-grease solution will have it sparkling clean. There are also various polishing liquids, gels and pastes available. Apply those and your aluminium balustrade design will look as good as new.

An Aluminium Balustrades Fencing is easy to make. In Sydney itself there is Alumitec, an Aluminium Balustrade fencing fabricator. They use large aluminium sheets which are then cut to specific strips and cold pressed into round or rectangular tubes which then form the pillars. Various other parts of the aluminium picket fencing too are made the same way. The entire process is semi-automatic. Once the specifications are decided and fed into the cutting, pressing, grinding and polishing machines, the machines take over and humans are only required to ensure tight quality control.

Large orders can be processed in a single day and shipped immediately. Fitting an Aluminium Pool Fencing is quite easy. Unlike the timber balustrade that requires quite a bit of digging into the floor, Aluminium Balustrade fencing is usually fitted via bolts. The only tool you need is a large drill machine. It is also easily dismantled and being aluminium, has a good resale value. The recycling and the fact that regular harsh chemical treatment is not required, also makes it environmentally friendly and an ideal solution to your Architectural Aluminium Fencing requirement.

So next time you need to elegantly fence something or create a partition, opt for Commercial Glass Balustrades – it’s a new age material and an elegant way of achieving your objective.

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