Allergies: How to cope with them?

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Most people on the planet suffer from some kind of allergy. Different people may be allergic to different things. A person can be allergic to anything; ranging from pollen and dust, to insect bites and food stuff. Whenever the immune system encounters any particle that it deems to be a threat, it releases histamines to protect the body. The histamines cause a lot of swelling in the body, blockage of the throat, rashes and the outbreak of hives. This can be neutralized with an injection of anti-histamines. There are various triggers in the body that lead to allergies. Each person has different triggers, making him allergic to different things. Some can be allergic to airborne irritants, such as dust mites, animal dander and pollen; while others can be allergic to eatables, such as peanuts, seafood etc. Allergies have different level of effect on people. In mild cases it can lead to sneezing and a runny nose, but in severe cases it can even cause the death of the person. Hence, immediate care should be given to a person, who is suffering from an allergic reaction. When it comes to airborne irritants, the only way to prevent allergies is by keeping the place clean. Pollen is present in plants and the maximum pollen related allergies are noticed around spring time. The best way to avoid pollen allergies is by keeping plants out of the house. Even while leaving the house, it would be wise to cover your nose with a mask or a cloth to avoid reactions. Many people are allergic to dust. Dust irritates the nasal lining, causing rapid sneezing. Also, the mites that are present in the dust are a cause for allergies too. They can be prevented by cleaning the house regularly to prevent the build-up of dust particles. The floor should be mopped everyday with a wet cloth to prevent dust particles from flying around. Places out of reach should also be cleaned frequently, as they can become a good breeding place for mites. Bed sheets should be changed regularly to avoid allergies from bed bugs. Pet dander, the dead skin which falls from the skin of animals, is also a major cause of allergies. This takes place more in older dogs which shed more skin. These particles are very small and when they enter the nostrils they can cause severe allergic reactions. A good way to prevent this is by staying away from animals. In case you have pets, then you should try and find them a nice home somewhere else. In cases, when allergies are caused by eating food, the only way to control that is by being careful of what you are eating. Make sure whatever you eat does not contain anything that you are allergic to. Allergies are a nuisance to many but do not have a cure as yet. The only thing you can do is to identify what you are allergic to and make an effort to stay away from them. You should be more careful in the seasons when you are liable to have more attacks. Allergies are true to the saying, “Prevention is better than cure”. If you are looking for the best Exercise Equipments India or the best Exercise Machines India then look for Rock Fitness Solutions.

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