Advantages of Straight Drop Awnings

  Emma Lopez    February 19, 2021    301


Something to enclose a verandah, pergola, or other outdoor areas, giving you protection from the elements as well as privacy? Then you need Straight Drop Awnings for your home.

Straight Drop Awnings in Sydney can be found in both manual and motorized operation and is the ideal blind to create that al fresco dining area you have been dreaming of. They are usually made of either canvass, mesh or acrylic.

What are the advantages of using Straight Drop Awnings for your home’s outdoors?

  • They are strong and versatile.
  • Easy operation – they have an external rope and pulley operation.
  • Provides protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays.
  • Blocks out the wind, as well as sleet and hail, while still letting in a comfortable breeze.
  • Can be used all year around.
  • Comes in manual or motorized operation.
  • Is energy efficient – keeps the heat and glare out reducing the strain on air conditioners during the summer.
  • Protects your outdoor furniture from the elements including the hot sun.

Straight Drop Awnings are ideal for the outdoor area because they run at a right angle to the ground and although it provides great privacy for you, it doesn’t hamper your view, depending on the material that you select. So you can enjoy the great outdoors without worrying about prying eyes. Hence they have become one of the most popular outdoor blinds among home owners around the country.

You can find Straight Drop Awnings in Sydney with any supplier of blinds and shutters, however it is always good to get your outdoor coverings from a well experienced vendor who can advise you on the best solution to suit your requirement, including the best materials etc.

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