Addiction Treatment Centers in Washington

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We deliver a drug rehabilitation program that is unlike any other.  Traditional programs typically include the disease model where addiction is considered an incurable disease that simply must be managed.  In order to treat, or “manage” the addiction, many rehabs utilize the 12-Step model of addiction treatment.  While this model of treatment has been around for a long time, addiction is still rampant in society despite this treatment model.  Unfortunately, in the 21st century, often “Success” is simply limited to taking less of the drug or replacing the street drug with a medication prescribed by a doctor in order to manage the addiction.

We don’t believe in that and take an entirely different approach to treatment.  We believe that someone can overcome addiction and put it in their past forever, instead of subscribing to the idea that “once an addict, always an addict”.  We achieve high success because we don’t simply treat the symptoms of addiction, but address the ROOT causes of a person’s behavior and why they chose to turn to drugs in the first place.

Our graduates achieve stability from self-confidence coming not from drugs, but from the renewed purpose in life.  They very often have no urge to relapse and no need to be put on any other medication in order to make them stable.  Our graduates are brought back to life with a new sense of self-control and the ability to achieve their own goals in life without drugs.

For millions of individuals personally caught up in the trap of drug addiction or alcoholism, and the many others who are also directly or indirectly affected, our drug and alcohol rehab centers provide a real and workable route back to the full freedom from drug addiction.

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