Abdominal exercises

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While watching television the viewer is provided with wholesome entertainment. He is in a very relaxed mood. It would definitely be very advantageous if he performs some exercises so that the time would be doubly useful.

Different exercises for abdomen

The three most useful abdominal muscles are listed below. The Bicycle maneuver involves lying flat on the floor and rotating the knees in a bicycle pedal motion. The left elbow is touched to the right knee and vice versa. The Breath is kept constant during the exercise. The Captainís chair comprises of lifting the knees toward the chest and returning to the starting state. The Crunch on the exercise ball is performed for abdominal as well as for the oblique muscles. The rectus abdominus is the long and flat muscles, which extends the length of the front of the abdomen. The internal and external obliques and the long and flat muscles, which extend along the side of the abdomen at an angle. For strengthening these muscles the different exercises are the Captainís chair, Bicycle maneuver, Reverse crunch, Hover, Vertical leg crunch, Crunch on exercise ball, Torso Track, Crunch with heel push, Long arm crunch, Ab Roller, Traditional crunch, Exercise tubing pull and Ab Rocker.

8 minutes Abs Workout

Wear light clothing, as they would facilitate ease of movements. Begin the exercise with basic crunches. Start with 50 slow and strict repetitions before adding a twist. Then continue with a Russian twist. Try out only 20 of these as these would seriously burn. Then make 25 repetitions of the jump right into leg raises. The rectus abdominis will fear torn out. Then whip right into a set of crunches. Perform 50 repetitions flow while the abdomen is ground. Fling your legs into the air and take on a set of pikes. There ought to be 25 agonizing repetitions. Cut through the abdomens with some scissors.

Exercises for different parts of Abdomen

For the upper abdomen, the Crunch Print, Butterfly Print, Supported Print and Curl up Print are advised. For the lower abdomen, the Pelvic Tilt Print, Knee Up Print, Seated Print and Air Bike Print are advocated. For the oblique abdominal exercises, Twists Print, Crunch Print, Cross Print and Reach print should be done. All of these can be done while watching television. Thus two issues can be relished in the same time.
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