7 Crucial Steps To Win Essay Contests

  June Doyle    April 29, 2011    869


It is such a great feeling when a student’s win essay writing contests, it’s such a great feeling because you are allowed to air what you want to say to the world while giving you the recognition for it. However, you cannot just win by giving a simple argument because there are millions of people who participate in these scholarship essay contests, so if student want to take part then they need to build great writing skills and clear understanding of the rules and regulations of such essay writing contests.

There are many ways that you can develop these qualities in you; one of the ways is to read the following article.

First step:

You can load of online essay contest over the internet, just search for them and get some latest essay writing contest going on but make sure of one thing that you are going for some well known essay contests so that you can easily make your mark to the world. Some essay competition requires short essays while some requires lengthy so decide on your choice.

Second step:

Go to the terms and conditions page and read them thoroughly so that you don’t get disqualified at the last moment. For example; if they are asking you to write 400 words essay then you will be disqualified even if you write 401 or 399 words so it is crucial that you abide by the rules. Look for the eligibility criteria for example; age limits, topic options, last date of submission etc.

Third Step:

Online essay contest winners are usually demonstrated on the first page of their website, so check about them and find out the characteristics that made them winner; this will help you get an idea about how to come up with contest essay wining ideas.

Fourth step:

It’s time to draft your entry; most of the online essay contest prefers emotional grabber so make sure your essay for essay contests is touching the heart of the reader.

Fifth step:

Get rid of extraneous information like if you have used any prepositional sentence then try changing them such as: “I walked down the hill from the house” then you can change it like this: “walked down the hills from house” for writing contests.

Sixth step:

Make sure of words that are appropriate for the essay that can make your essay look better then the crowd. Provide enough description so that the reader clearly gets what you want to say to the world.

Seventh Step:

You must create your entry in the email program which you use often to track the spelling and grammatical errors. It is a good thing that spelling mistakes won’t disqualify you but still it is better that you doesn’t do these kinds of silly mistakes in your essay. If you are done with essay writing, leave it and get back to it the next day, this is how you will be able to edit and revise it efficiently.

Therefore, follow the above told steps for competing in scholarship essay writing contest so that you can show the world what you think!

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