10 Ideas for Placing Your Wedding Logo with Sophistication and Class

  Rita  Summers    March 13, 2012    932


Regardless of status, everyone wants their marriage to be unique and special. To make it a great event, it needs to have a personality of its own so that the experience is exclusive for you and your guests.

The concept of custom designed cakes and decoration items are fast becoming monotonous. If your wedding wants to be distinct, it needs to be branded properly and the best branding idea is use of a wedding logo which will add splendor and richness to the event.

But here comes the problem. Most people don’t know where to place the couple’s symbol. They make the mistake of using it too loudly or using it in places where the guests will hardly notice. The event mark needs to be subtly but cleverly placed in places where the guests will take notice.

Here are a few places where we think you should place your special mark:

1.The invitations:

Since this is where the party theme begins, the design has to be placed here. That way the invitations will be personalized, distinct and exclusive.

2.Table napkins:

Just place the design on one edge of the table napkin so that they are discreet yet noticeable.

3.As the cake topper:

Instead of having the monotonous doll figurines, you can have your brand mark cut out as the cake topper.

4.Dinner Plates:

For dinner plates, use your emblem just at one corner of the plates to make them look sophisticated and chic.

5.Wedding badge:

The marriage badge can be a little corsage of flowers with a small card or ribbons with the couple’s symbol on it that all the family members can wear.

6.Thank you cards:

Since you’re personalizing the invitation cards, thank you cards need to follow the theme so make the whole ceremony seems consistent. They will also remind the guests of the memorable event.


Nothing can be classier than white balloons floating in the air with the couple’s symbol.


Using your wedding emblem in the main backdrop is the ultimate personalizing touch for the event.

9.Party favors:

Imagine how cute a box of chocolates would look with your wedding logo designs on the package. Personify the party favors with your emblem so that the guests can take home a piece of your memory.

10.Table centerpieces:

Use the logo in the candles, ribbons or vases on the table centre pieces. Since this is where the guests will be sitting, there can be no other place more suitable to make the impact.

You can have your brand mark on other places as well like the ring bearer’s pillow, the ring box, chair covers, stickers, and wall-art or even as a dessert topping. As far as ideas go, sky is the limit but in my opinion, too much of one symbol can be quite over whelming and tacky.

Subtlety is the key.

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