Not all Auto Transportation Companies are Created Equal

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You can ship all types of autos with a transport company. Auto transportation has been used to ship a company car or truck, a personal car or sports cars, classic cars, and racecars. The distance of travel and the weight of the car will estimate the car transport quotes. This will be one of the first things a transport company may ask when preparing the quote for your car. Make sure you know the make and type of your car before asking for a quote.

Make sure you remove all the extra items from out of the car before sending your vehicle on auto transportation. You can ship items in the car to be moved, but it is best to remember the car transport rate is determined by the weight of the car. If you must put personal items into the car or car trunk, make sure to pack items that are light in order not add a lot of extra weight to the car. Things like pillows, blankets, lampshades and such are very lightweight and should not add a significant amount of extra weight. You will also not want to put items that are expensive or irreplaceable because these items will not be covered by the insurance if stolen or broken and damaged.

If you need a faster delivery such as expedient shipping or require more insurance than comes standard with your quote, it will add more to the price of shipping the car. If the extra amenities are not needed, you can save money by transporting the car on the open trailer without the extra fluff. If you are not in a hurry to get your car, go with standard shipping and save the cash for gas once you are driving again.

Auto transportation has become such a big business that many scammers are online searching for people to take advantage. When searching for the best car transport rates, keep in mind that not all companies are the same. Be wary companies that want you to give them your credit card, or privatenumber or your bank account information. Even handing out your name and birth date along with your address can be a strong sign to stay away from that transport company. You will need to give the company your address if they plan on picking up your car, but this is not something that needs to be shared with the company until after the deal has been made with them.

 Take your time and find  reliable auto transportation companies. A few minutes and an internet search is all you need to find the best auto transportation companies.

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