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The research papers are documents containing research studies on a particular topic of research. The research was carried out in different formats, such as academic papers, scientific papers; academic essays, theses, research papers, research essay etc. are formed in a certain format.

 In developing the research work, thorough research is carried out in relation to particular research topic. The purpose of the research is to discover the answers to the questions through the application of scientific procedures. The formation of the research is an academic activity.

Various activities are included in the training of research such as the definition and redefinition of problems, formulating hypotheses, suggest solutions to collect organize and evaluate data and reach conclusions. The research was conducted in several types, such as argumentative essay paper, paper definition, reports, compare and contrast essay papers, documents interpretation. It is very difficult for students to write research papers because it requires a specific format to be followed and the various approaches to supplement the various topics.

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