Boosting Your Immune System the Natural Way

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The Immune System - Our body has the capability to keep us in perfect condition, given we take care of the nutritional and physical activity aspects of it. The Immune System is a very intriguing and beneficial defense mechanism that protects us from harmful, dangerous or unhealthy things that enter the body.


Immune cells detect and eliminate viruses, infections and bacteria present in the body, so as to stop us from getting sick. In full health, a person’s bodily defence can protect from virtually any threatening, foreign intruder. The Immune system has the ability to release antibodies and alerting protective cells of any threat in need of combating and or eliminating.


A Poor Immune System - There are many contributing factors to a poor or effective immune cell performance. These can include stress levels, dietary intake, sleep habits and substances such as steroids. When it comes to food and hydration, it is vitally important, for our Immune System, that we regulate the intake of unhealthy products.


The food groups that put our natural bodily defence in jeopardy are refined carbohydrates and, especially, sugars. This and/or a lack of fresh fruit and vegetables can have a detrimental affect on the Immune System. Things that hinder the health of the immune cells are called immunosuppressive.


Immune System help - A diet full of vitamins and minerals is essential, as is a good Omega-3 intake, for a healthy Immune System. Minimising the consumption of refined carbohydrates and sugars can offer immense benefits to the body.

A good sleep pattern is crucial. This allows the systems to reenergise and repair themselves so as to be prepared for future threats. Immune disorders cannot easily be repaired without this necessary restoration time.


With a lack of sleep or poor diet usually comes stress. This is a contributing factor to multiple health conditions and is common in the majority of all humans. Stress creates the inability to rest or relax, forcing the body into overdrive and completely exhausting the Immune System.


Methods of relaxation such as meditation and yoga can be extremely beneficial in improving immune strength, or an activity like walking or fishing. Breathing exercises will allow the break the body requires to be at optimal health. There are also natural remedies, supplements and vitamins that aide in good functionality and defences of the Immune cells.


Natural Methods Vs Drugs - Natural dietary intake including foods rich in Vitamin C (fruit and vegetables) and Vitamin E (seeds and grains) can be of great benefit to the body. However, with factors such as smoking, excessive alcohol intake or physical inactivity combined with the amount of foods required to reach the ideal level of vitamins and minerals, most people need and/or seek supplementary assistance.


Immune System boosters like Omega-3, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Garlic and Selenium tablets/capsules, powders or drops and Immune System Boosters such as Taheebo can be used as a safe, naturally beneficial supplement.


Aiding in the repair of Immune System disorders and offering a healthy maintenance method, natural is definitely the ideal option. There are over 150 drugs available for the treatment of immunity deficiencies and immune disorders. The problem with these is that there is an enhanced possibility of side-effects. These symptoms can vary from muscle aches and pains to a severe reaction such as fever, headaches and malaise, experienced by up to 50 percent of patients.


Summary: With so many natural options, it makes no sense to choose drug methods to boost the immune system. Immune System boosters are evident in many foods and supplements. This page discusses the good, the bad and the interesting when talking Immune Systems.



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