Best Treatment Therapy For Low Back Pain-Prolotherapy

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Prolotherapy is a medical treatment therapy in which patients receives injections into ligaments or tendons for the treatment pain, typically joint pain, headache, neck pain, scitica pain treatment and many other solutions for pain in humnan body. It is adressed as a treatment technique that stimulates your body to repair or regenerate itself addressing such conditions as back pain, knee arthritis, headaches, work-related or sports injuries providing a permanent solution to underlying causes of many painful conditions. The injection used in prolotherapy, consists of a dextrose solution, known as sugar water. Don't worry about the inflammation or swelling to the area. The injections causes an inflammation or swelling to the area. This increases the blood supply as well as the flow of nutrients stimulating the tissue to repair itself.

In these days there are various sites at which you can get comprehensive knowledge and research about Prolotherapy. This therapy is accepted worldwide and used by the several surgeon. The main concern is that it is able to provide maximum improvement in pain. Large part of our human society spend their preciou time of life in pain. After a great efforts of researc ths therapy comes in daily treatment. Many research are are gone invain.

Pprolotherapy is much better for the treatment of Low backache. How ever many other pain couses solutions rae solved by in prolotherapy. It is proved that Lower Back Pain Exercise would be the solution for chronic low back pain. Low back ache is a very common problem in these modern days and it is not only seen in aged but all age groups. Low back ache refers to Lumbar vertebra medically derived from Latin word ‘Lumbus’ which has meaning as lion as it has power of flexibility with lifting and bending.

Anatomy of LUMBUS “Low Back” : -
Each Lumbar Vertebra has a spinous process behind human spinal cord, for the protection of the nerves of the cord from trauma. Lumbar Vertebral body is present in front of spine which provides a platform, which is suitable for weight bearing joints of all tissues. Disc is made up of soft gelatinous materials called nucleus pulposum in core and surrounding outer ring called annular fibrosis.

Causes of Low back Ache :
Trauma or Injury to Spine – Muscle Strain or Sprain to ligaments
Degeneration of disc
Herniated disc
Degenerative Spondylosis
Lumbar Stenosis
Cauda Equina
Arthritis- Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Psoriatic Athritis
Spinal Infection- Osteomyelitis
Kidney Stones


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